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Jerusalem’s got nothin’ on New York, especially when it comes to outlandish displays of holiday Judaica. Never have I seen so many gaudily displayed menorahs. They’re friggin ‘everywhere. However, I decided to spare all y’all and instead we see Ariel Beery of Blogs of Zion and Presentense Magazine preparing for a craaazy Chanukah/Shabbat dinner. Earlier he wowed me with his ninja skills as he chopped a potato that I had thrown at him in half using a samurai sword in a sheathed position. No I’m serious. This guy has real ninja skillz. Just sayin’.

Anyhow, dinner’s gonna kick ass – all kinds of Jews are coming including Kelsey from the Kvetcher, EV from Jewschool, singer/songwriter Michelle Citrin, our own Esther, Sydney Henning from birthright israel, Lindsey Litowitz and SarahHertzog of Livnot, Polly Zavadiker and Beth Pollak of PresenTense, our own Phoebe and oodles of other people. I’d link everyone but there’s no time before Shabbat. If any of you on the West coast wanna edit this and add links, great.

So what are we gonna do? Eat latkes, sing songs, have dinner and talk about you of course! So yeah, happy day one of Chanukah – may it be oily and full of light.

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