Jews have horns like thisAs John noted on his new blog, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has clearly seen and been influenced by the Borat film. Note the similiarity between Ahmadinejad’s pose pictured here and Borat’s Jew claw/horns thing in this out take from the movie.

But here’s the thing, see… all the anti-Semitism? It’s a joke. It’s not serious. Jews do not have claws or horns, nor do they control the world and they did not fake the Holocaust.

The joke was clearly lost on Ahmadinejad and the assorted mullahs and idiots that run Iran as they have just announced the details of a conference questioning whether the Holocaust really happened. This conference, sure to be a veritable laff-riot, was inspired by the international outcry caused last year when Ahmadinejad described the slaughter of six million Jews by the Nazis as a “myth” fabricated to justify Israel. Manouchehr Mohammadi, a spokesperson from the Foreign Ministry stated that:

“Our aim is to scientifically study the Holocaust and listen to both sides before reaching a conclusion,” Mr Mohammadi said. “This issue has a crucial role regarding the west’s policies towards the countries of the Middle East, especially the Palestinians. Iran isn’t against or for. We weren’t involved in this event so we can be a neutral judge. It is important for us to know the answer so that we can process our stances to issues in this region. If we conclude that the Holocaust happened, we will admit it but we are still going to ask why Palestinians have to pay.” He said it would not be a forum for anti-semites or neo-Nazis, and rabbis would attend. “Our policy doesn’t mean we want to defend the crimes of Hitler.”

Oh my God – This is nearly as funny as the Borat movie!! Ha ha ha ha haahahaa! Thanks for the laugh Prime Minister “Wipe Israel Off the Face of the Earth!”

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  • Ah, he sounds so reasonable. He just wants an open historical look at a past event of obviously important magnitude. And here we are criticizing and making fun of someone who wants to advance our knowledge of history??


  • What Ahamdenijad doesn”t realize that if the Nazis had reached the Middle East, AND achieved sufficient power on their own, they would have started killing Arabs and other Muslims.

  • I will nominate Prof. McDonald from Cal State Long Beach who was a character witness for David Irvine to coem and gie one of his papers on Jews and evolution.

    But ck why is this evil man allowed to walk freely? Should he be allowed to vacation in NYC as he did when he addressed the UN?

    This Personification of evil/haman himself was shown the VIP treatment by NY.

    Yassir Arafat was thrown out of Lincoln Center by Mayor Guliani in 1995. Mayor Bloomberg didnt have the nerve to do a thing.

  • I wonder if blogs were around in the thirties they’d be talking so lightly about Hitler and his Nazis. I’ll give some credit to Bibi who is calling it like very few other people, ‘if Iran is calling for the destruction of Israel, then listen.’

  • Dave:

    Um, not likely. The Arab world was very much aligned with the Axis (until the very end, when it was clear that the Third Reich was collapsing). Just check out the buddy-buddy relationship between Hitler and the father of Palestinian nationalism, Grand Mufti Husseini. Husseini helped organize Muslim death-squads to kill Jews in the Balkans.

    Remember, Hitler never wanted to kill all the Slavs, for example. He just wanted them “put in their place”, as a secondary class to the Aryans. Similarly, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to have the Muslim/Arab world serve the Third Reich as “untermentschen”.

  • You”re right about Grand Mufti Husseini, except that I did say that the Nazis would start killing the Muslims, once they the Nazis felt they could do without them. They basically would have done what they did to the Soviets- ally with them for tactics and then turn on them when it suited them.

  • Oyster – here’s an interesting artifact link on the Hitler – Husseini connection…

    I think you and Dave are both right. In general the connectino between Arabs and Hitler were simply about the common enemy, Britain and the Jews. The nationalists, Communists and the Nazi Muslim Brotherhood were all of one mind. The common knowledge is Hitler’s plan was to give the Middle East to Al Bana, install his puppet govt. in Egypt, and set up a Husseini puppet govt. in Palestine. It would be then the Brotherhood would then turn on nationalist and Communist Arabs.

    It was when the allies won things got weird. The crazy or not theory is Husseini’s European-trained arm of the Brotherhood was hired by the British as a terrorist unit against pre-Statehood Israel. Later they worked for the CIA in the region to fight Arab Communists and Soviet influence. After Nasser exiled them to Saudi Arabia they formed Al-Qaeda. Which the CIA supposedly re-hired to fight the USSR in Afghanistan.

    When it comes to the CIA I’ll believe just about anything. In any case, if there’s any doubt the Brotherhood and especially Ahmadinejad don’t still consider Hitler and Hitler’s Nazis to be a role model and inspiration, check out Bridget Johnson’s piece on Iran’s little dictator’s recent loveletter to Angela Merkel. Ms. Johnson states:

    “Based on his own anti-Jewish, nationalist agenda, Ahmadinejad’s letter clearly tries to appeal to latent anti-Semitic attitudes, believing that Germany is full of bitter nationalists sick of Shoah education and hostile toward Israel and her supporters.”

    I disagree w/her on one point. Ahmadinejad’s anti-semitism isn’t latent.

  • I am inviting sixty seven university presidents from around the world to discuss the truth or falsehood of whether the earth is indeed round.

    Many scholars have doubts that Magellan really knew where he was going because his ship might have had faulty instruments and his crew was thought to be in a high state of inebriation. In addition, there is suspicion that Magellans’s novel theory could simply have been an attempt to garner prestige and propaganda to promote Spain’s interests.

    We will be examining a range of issues, including whether there was actually enough water in the ocean at the time Magellan was alleged to have sailed so far, and whether there were enough trees during that time to even construct a boat big enough to sail, or indeed whether his trip was an outright myth.

    Unfortunately I cannot announce the names of the university presidents who are invited to this conference because they might risk being fired from their positions. If they are prohibited from coming, then we might never know the truth about the geometric configuration of the earth or about the integrity of Spain. Even more disastrous, my own leadership and intellectual integrity could be called into question.

  • You people always see the glass as half-empty. Wouldn’t it be terrific if Ahmadinejad found that the Holocaust did indeed take place? It’d be wonderful to win him over!

  • What’s incredible is that Iranians are infatuated with us Israelis. Like, as if, they have no other problems. Read Caroline Glick’s new piece, sorry I don’t have a link:

    Caroline Glick, THE JERUSALEM POST Dec. 8, 2006
    When the history of our times is written, this week will be remembered as the week that Washington decided to let the Islamic Republic of Iran go nuclear. Hopefully it will also be remembered as the moment the Jews arose and refused to allow Iran to go nuclear.