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Jewcy Jews? Freaks? Both?

Aw man, we missed an awesome party the other day when pulled out all stops and held a swank, exclusive little affair at their family-owned Ars Nova Theatre, which is apparently equipped with a fancy shmancy apartment on top.

We didn’t go because we weren’t invited but Gawker’s Team Party Crash was there to celebrate at Jewcy’s Launch Party. They even got Nikola Tamindzic to take photos of the assembled Jewcy Media Conspiracy. Oddly, while Gawker saw fit to publish the pics (and brilliantly snarky comments) Nikola did not add the pics to his ultra hip party pic Web site, Why? Probably because the Jewcy party lacked sufficient eye candy and/or public nudity (thank God!).

Also, Jews of a certain milieu are just not hip, try as they may. They may be well monied, they may serve and drink top-shelf liquor, they may wear red tinted glasses, they may be accompanied by trophy shiksas, they may have all the outer trapppings of hipness (a “Jewish” indeed!) but really, all I can see when I look at them are the lovable shleppy, shtetl Jews from whence they sprang and from whom they try create as much distance as possible.

That having been said, yeah maybe they’re not cool enough for the, but somewhere out there is a Jewish community professional looking at these pics and reading and thinking “Oh man! The kids’ll really dig this exciting brand of Judaism! We need to take all this hip Jewishness and turn it into a program/conference/publication/Israel trip/social networking Web site etc. etc. and this will surely lead to the salvation of the Jews!!”

God help us all.

Hat tip: Frickin Esther

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  • i thought the comments were very mean-spirited and cringe-worthy. i’ve been gawkered myself, and i know that’s the deal, but really, i don’t think it’s fair to take civilians and subject them to some of these nasty comments.

  • I have no idea what the comment were, but in general it’s poor form to play the game of “We’re cooler/hipper/more wonderful than they.”

    Edit: unless we’re discussing, you know, that other site.

  • they were basically mocking women for being blond or dressing in a way that wasn’t sexy enough. oh and also making fun of jewish men for dating blond women. (suchhhh a cheap shot.)

  • The snarky comments are par for the course with Gawker’s team party crash, I guess. I was at the party and the gawker people were being introduced with “these are the Gawker people. They’re here to take pictures of us and insult us!”

    My only complaint with the comments was that they said there was no eye candy. There were some hot people there, including some in the gawker pics.

  • I think their issue was that the hot blonde wasn’t Jewish. If they had a hot blonde Jewish girl like you, there’d be no problem. 🙂

  • A blonde walked into the local UPS store and inquired as to the cost to send a package 1 inch
    by 1 inch by 100 feet to Lincoln Nebraska.
    “1 inch by 1 inch by 100 feet? What do you need a package like that for?” asked the clerk.
    “I was planning to send my dad an extension
    cord for Christmas.”
    Sarah you are right , better not too often wear blond, by the way, how are things going in Lincoln, I must have gained myself at least five new friends over there.

  • Whoa, really? I guess that’s what happens when you don’t go to the Mission Minyan on a regular basis. I’ve actually been checking out Minyan HaMifratz in Palo Alto.

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