Va Yeitzei

All journey’s are important in and of themselves. Many journeys have boundaries. There are signs along the way, where I can and cannot go. Off-limits. Employees only. Permit Needed. Membership Required. I even create my own signs saying, I can never do that. I could never go there.

On Shabbat I limit myself creating boundaries of where I can walk and walk I can do. I build an elaborate virtual wall with strings defining the place that I will live. I limit what I can do and touch, what I can say and how to say it.

It’s the boundaries of Shabbat, the restrictions, the limits on movement, that help me see through the limitations of the weekday, look past the signs, expand.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Maybe. But I find, Shabbos is Shabbos and there is no connect to the weekday.

    Unless you are retired or are not competing somewhere I find it hard to be truly spiritual like you are saying.