KvetchAmerican Apparel has declred December 25th “Online Jewish Shopping Day” and they’ve also added a Jewish educational component to boot!

American Apparel explains on their corporate blog:

We know, Christmas sucks if you’re Jewish. Stores are closed, restaurants are overbooked, and there’s nothing but football and It’s a Wonderful Life on T.V. … But this year Christmas needn’t be a lonely day filled only with Chinese food and afternoon matinees. We want everyone to have a reason to celebrate December 25th, so we are declaring it Online Jewish Shopping Day. Come to the American Apparel online store on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and we will have a neat little Hebrew School quiz for you. Pass or fail, you get 20% off your purchase… And no, you don’t actually have to be Jewish to take the quiz. Hot Shiksas and friendly Goyim of every sort are welcome. Mazel Tov!

Check out the test here – it’s not that easy. Clearly, having been bought out by some fund has not dampenned American Apparel’s ability to just be whacky. War on Christmas or no War on Christmas, when has a major retailer ever contributed to your Jewish education? Happy Chanukah Dov Charney! Thanks for the discount…

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  • Yep, same here. I should give it to the religious school students to see how they do—hopefully well, but you never know.

    One of my Christian public ed students showed me a “do you know your bible” test given to her at Sunday school—–it was interesting because although I didn’t know most of the Christian questions, the Jewish ones were pretty easy (and those were the ones she said her classmates were having trouble with).

  • A horse with a blindfold would have scored five out of five!