As reported by the Boston Globe after his speech earlier this week at Brandeis University:

In response to a question, Carter apologized for a sentence in his book that he acknowledged seemed to justify terrorism by saying that suicide bombings should end when Israel accepts the goals of the road map to peace with Palestinians… “That sentence was worded in a completely improper and stupid way,” Carter said. “I’ve written my publishers to change that sentence immediately in future editions of the book. I apologize to you personally and to everyone here.”

Presumably, that paragraph was edited by Carter’s brother Billy, founder of Billy Beer and former agent of the Libyan government. Oh wait… that’s not funny anymore. Billy died in 1988. Shoot, sorry Peanut man.

Anyhow, afterwards, Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz gave a critique of both Carter’s speech and his best-selling book:

“He makes it sound so simple,” said Dershowitz. “You just give back the land, and peace will follow. Tell that to the residents of Sderot!” … Dershowitz slammed Carter for omitting any mention that this plan also calls for the return of Palestinian refugees to Israel — a return that, if fully implemented, would turn Jews into a minority in Israel. He failed to note Saudi hints that a full refugee return might not be required, and that the plan does not do so… “I think he’s become an advocate for the maximalist Palestinian view,” Dershowitz said.

In the meantime, CAMERA has published a “comprehensive” list of errors and omissions found in Carter’s book. This critique is worth a read too. Since Carter’s Brandeis speech, the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum released notes showing that Carter once urged Pope John Paul II to mention Israel in a speech (this was a big deal at the time apparently. See? He’s not so bad!). Also in the news is an allegation by Monroe Freedman, a law professor at Hofstra University and a former member of the Holocaust Memorial Council that Carter once noted that there were “too many Jews” involved in the Council (See? Carter was an asshole!).

Are we bored yet?

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  • A-hole or not, don’t blame Billy Carter for Jimmy’s doings, especially since Billy died in 1988. They never made excuses for each other. Jimmy has managed to PO almost every single member of his family from time to time & at one point or another. Do we have a direct link to the Camera site to post instead of the sketchy ‘Newsmax’? Just wondering. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • ce, we never get bored, only scared of watching the veins on your forehead pop out whenever you post on him. We worry about your health, man. 🙂

    So here’s some fuel for the fire: I like reading this guy every once in awhile ’cause he seems to be as confused as me.

    My concern is that people get a false view of the Carter administration’s actual policies towards Israel. Carter’s main emissary to the Mideast was Mondale, mainly because Fritz’s stalwart support of Israel allowed Carter a better position with Begin. Liberals like Blue and White and Mondale can still be Israel supporters.

    Also, after Olmert took power, he had this to say about Carter:

    “I have enormous respect for President Carter, who [comes] to visit me every now and then when he’s in Israel. I think some of his statements are different than the ones he writes when he’s far away.”

    Of course this was well before the book was published but do anyone notice a lack of Carter criticism coming from Israeli leaders as compared to American Jewish leaders? I’m sure ck can pull up some examples to prove me wrong but it seems to me that Israelis are a little more thickskinned than American Jews. I mean that as a compliment and specifically referring to outside criticism.

  • I think they’ve got more real and pressing problems to worry about, right? Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • He just spoke at my school, the University of Georgia. Tickets were $200 so I just watched the conference on c-span. He clarified that the apartheid he refers to in the book is different to that of South Africans because “some Israeli’s are motivated by greed for Palestinian land, not racism”. l think he is going senile. It makes me crazy how disproportionate he is!