Eilat Sinai border

Eilat/Sinai border – photo by Phoebe while on the recent birthright israel/Jewlicious trip.

Hash, Whores, Hamas and You.
Two of the victims of the Eilat Suicide bombings, Emil Almaliakh (32) and Michael Ben-Sa’adon (27) were buried yesterday and a third, Israel Samolia (26) is going to be buried in Miami where his family lives. Despite assertions by Egyptian spokesmen that it was impossible that the suicide bomber, Gaza Strip resident Muhammed Faisal al-Saksak entered Eilat from Egypt, it seems to be that that is in fact the case.

But how did this happen exactly? All indications are that Saksak was somewhat of a dolt – not exactly prime-quality, Grade A suicide bomber material. First of all members of his family, including his proud Mom (Mrs. Saksak?), and some of his acquaintances knew that he was planning on carrying out an attack because he told them. Ordinarily, suicide bombers intent on carrying out their missions keep their mouths shut. When Saksak entered Israel, he was wearing a large red coat. Such a coat is great when traveling across the Sinai desert, because it gets really cold at night, but in Eilat it makes you really stand out. After 7 months of training, you’d think Saksak’s handlers would advise him to ditch the coat, especially since the bomb was in his backpack and not on a suicide belt. You’d also think that they’d teach Saksak some rudimentary Hebrew or Geography – when asked by the cab driver who picked him up where he wanted to go, Saksak mostly grunted and then said “Haifa.” No one picks up a cab in Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city, to go to Haifa located in Israel’s north.

So how did such a complete moron make it across the harsh Sinai terrain and manage to cross the border into Israel undetected? Probably in much the same way illegal immigrants and drug smugglers do it – with the aid of local Bedouins who know the area like the back of their hands.

The Bedouins in question are not some secret and shady organization – they are in all likelihood the Azazma Tribe – a well known and much feared criminal organization who live on both sides of the Israel/Egyptian border. What makes these criminals unusual is that they will work for anyone who pays them. Fighting between Israeli criminal organizations, like the feud between the Abergils and the Abutbuls, has no effect on their operations and no criminal with any common sense crosses the fierce Azazma Tribe. Their specialty is smuggling anything across the border into Israel. These operations include the movement of illegal immigrants, sex trade trade workers, cigarettes, consumer goods, weapons and drugs. There is every reason to believe that they also provide assistance to terrorists, both in the West Bank and Gaza – as long as they pay their bills in full and on time.

So next time you and your buddies go off to Tel Aviv for a special massage with a happy ending, or next time you light up your darker variety of North African hashish (now that Lebanese Blond is no longer available), keep in mind that your are supporting an organization that aids and abets terrorists. It’s all fine and good to boycott Hezballah Hash from Lebanon when it’s already unavailable – but will conscientious hash smokers now refrain from all hashish? Will suburban housewives in Israel stop hiring illegal domestic help? Will Israeli men refrain from availing themselves of sex-slave prostitutes? Not any time soon I don’t think.

Thus as we in Israel try to establish who was responsible for the piguah in Eilat, was it Islamic Jihad? Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade? Hamas? – we ought to also add to that list of suspects – the people and the state of Israel who by active involvement or passive acquiescence, facilitate criminal activities that serve only to encourage the terrorism in our midst.

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