dschinghis khanSpend enough time on You’re The Man Now Dog, and you’re bound to come across one of the many parodies of the already ridiculous “Moskau,” a music video that has circled the internet a few times, creating hours of fun for cubicle-bound professionals everywhere. It’s simply impossible not to love Dschinghis Khan, in all of their “medieval viking disco queen” glory.

Apparently Mordecai Ben David felt the same way. The German band’s self-titled hit song “Dschinghis Khan,” which debuted at the 1979 Eurovision contest, was later adopted by Ben David for his Bar Mitzvah anthem, “Yidden.” A few google searches later, and it appears that Ben David made no mention of the original in his 1986 cover. And if Blog in Dm is to be believed, “Dschinghis Khan” was actually used “as a soundtrack for German pornography films.” Hot.

And while we’re on the subject of Jewish adaptations of popular music, what about the “One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Lokshen Kugel Eater?” It was years before I realized my Ortho-Jewish day school favorite was actually adopted from the “Purple People Eater,” written and performed by Sheb Wooley in 1958. (Sidenote: Purple People Eater was later made into a movie starring Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Doogie Howser… mostly likely for the benefit of stoners everywhere).

In the meantime, I propose that the “Yidden” line dance be replaced with the Dschinghis Khan choreography. Who’s with me?

PS — CK, post the damn youtube video because WordPress hates me. link

** ck note ** there ya go arie.. uh, elle. How totally random and bizarre too. They even have a Frankie Goes to Hollywoodesque guy whose only job in the band is to dance like a freak. How on earth did frum musical artistes even get access to Dschinghis Khan’s ouevre in order to plagiarize from them???

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  • I am totally thankful for this post. One of my running arguments with the chardei world is over so-called “Jewish music” versus non jewish music. Today, there is an artificial creation called “Jewish music” and a specific sound/style that is suppsoed to be kosher. Its sad.

    Our music has always been part of the general musicsphere, a place where influences cross cultural and ethnic lines.

    And the video… too too funny!

  • I do not know what movie viewing habits you Jews have in order to kow that this has been used as a soundtrack for German porn, but theman who COMPOSED this trash back in 1979 was a JEW himself, his name Ralph Siegel. After decades of producing “Music” garbage he finally resigned from the Music biz. And yet still Dhingis Khan is not worse than the retarded BS you folks listen to in Hebrew. Israel is the country with the worst music imaginable. Why do you guys always lose the Euro contest and only win with sicko perverts like Dana International ?

  • Why do you guys always lose the Euro contest

    The Euro contest is among the worst perversions of music mankind has ever encountered. Bad music, bad costumes and bad dancing. Feh.

  • Celtic Blood — How DARE you compare Dschinghis Khan to “retarded BS!” I frickin’ LOVE DK! Stop being such a hater.

    PS — Dissing German porn? Also not cool.

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