This just in from the OU, although it could have come from the Coffee Addicts Society: Starbucks Coffee Liqueur is OU Pareve. Although not all the bottles have this designation written on it. The Cream Liqueur is OU-Dairy, so its a no-no for Shabbat and anytime after breakfast.

Now Godiva does not have the market cornered on good pareve liqueur you can serve after a delicious Shabbat Dinner. Unless you are a chocolate addict. Of course for the more worldy folks there is the Italian Disaronno Amaretto, close to perfection if you ask me. I know that everyone is breathing a deep sigh of relief. We will report on if this new Starbucks Coffee is tasty hopefully by next Shabbat.

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Rabbi Yonah

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  • Hey hey! Some of us have dairy on Shabbat!
    So, well, we would enjoy some Starbucks dairy liqueur, but as we live in Israel we have higher quality than Starbucks. Real European coffee (from Israeli chains, of course).