Back in the old country you took some herring and some some oil and some salt and poof- shmaltz herring. if you were really shnazzy, you used wine, vinegar and spices for some herring in wine “sauce”. I cannot verify the veracity of volume of such herring back in the old country. In fact, it doesn’t exist today in Poland, and I wonder if it ever did! People eat Rollmops, herring in oil (shmaltz), spiced-homestyle, and thats about it.

Meanwhile a passover herring crisis has arisen. This ONLY applies to herring in wine sauce, which as I have proven, obviously did not exist in the old country. It tastes good and is clean, but it does not reach the inner neshama, it fails to ignite that inner yid.

Passover herring crisis! Check your bottles!

Ma Cohen’s Assorted Herring Products

Ma Cohen’s Herring Products are certified kosher for Passover when manufactured under special supervision. A limited number of products were manufactured without Passover supervision and were distributed while bearing an unauthorized OU-P symbol. These products have a date code system listing the month, date, and year (i.e. Jan1608). The mislabeled products are being withdrawn from the marketplace. Customers are encouraged to contact the Orthodox Union at 212-613-8148 or via email at if the mislabeled products are found.

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  • Herring? Blech!

    But I can see how this might become a serious crisis. Then again, just as there may not have been too much wine herring in the Old Country, I suspect there wasn’t too much around in the time of Moses. So no worries.

    Spring lamb anyone?

  • I’m worried for Ma Cohen. I hear the OU breaks legs worse than The Sopranos if they don’t get their piece of the action.

    (Ok really, I like Jews, I do.)

  • The “passover herring crisis” is actually a herring crisis: the fish is vanishing from overfishing. (The history is told in melancholy fashion in WG Sebald’s great 1995 novel, The Rings of Saturn.)

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