The Torah tells teaches this week the only mitzvah|commandment|obligation where I am also instructed to stay far away from from it. This commandment states “Midvar sheker tirchak! Distance yourself greatly from a lie.” It’s not good to lie, and well, its not good to be less than honest. Usually, I only think of honesty as something having to do with my relations with others.

But in a deeper sense, honesty is totally personal.

You know, if I’m honest, then I won’t be overly proud and I won’t be arrogant. Because the whole thing of arrogance comes from lying to your self…

Inspired by Reb Shlomo and Rabbi Sholom Brodt.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • The last two sentences, Rabbi, were interesting and evocative but the thought is a little bit compressed and cryptic for Muffti’s comprehension. Could you say a little more to decryptify? Why can’t someone be completely self aware, honest and yet still arrogant coz he thinks very highly of himself?

  • Here’s my thoughts, but I’d like to hear what Rabbi Yonah has to say.

    Someone who is self-aware knows that they don’t control the world. They also realize that other people are just as “real” as they are… and that those people also have needs, hopes and dreams.

    Someone who is self-aware knows that the path that their life takes is not just determined by them, but is steered by God through the interactions with people and events.

    Someone who is self-aware and honest knows that they will be held accountable for their actions. They won’t do things they know are wrong, with plans to make excuses for them later.

    Someone who is self-aware knows you can’t be one person in public and another in private.