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Welcome to the first Hate Site of the Weak for 2007! This is not a traditional HSOW post – for two reasons. First because I’m writing it instead of Muffti, who is clearly very busy attending to his very important professorial duties in an unnamed California institution of higher education. Secondly, this post was motivated more by a couple of news stories rather than a specific site.

The first Hate Site of the Weak award of 2007 goes to the National Vanguard, a racist, white-power organization with chapters across the country. Their site aggregates relevant news stories that tend to reinforce their world-view – like a report of an African American woman who was arrested for fraudulently applying for Hurricane Katrina benefits. There’s also an awesome story about how Jewish supremacists are urging Bush to embark on a war with Iran. No one gets left out either with additional posts about the offensiveness of Islam and Mexicans and pretty much anyone who isn’t white and Christian.

The organization’s main creed was best summarized by Kevin Alfred Strom, founder of the National Vanguard and considered the leading intellectual of the movement since the death of William Pierce, the author of the notorious “Turner Diaires.” He stated that:

IF YOU TOLERATE multiracialism, then your children will suffer and die. That is not hyperbole. It is a rational and well-substantiated extrapolation, based on the known facts and current trends. It is a prediction that is already coming true.

Pretty standard stuff for white supremacists really. But what makes this HSOW award so outstanding is the fact that their leader, Kevin Alfred Strom, was recently arrested on charges of possession of child pornography! Yup, internet porn chalks up yet another victim… The National Vanguard site links to an art Web site put together by Strom which collects all his favorite artwork. Strom is a fan of the Neo-Classical school of art which features many paintings of naked nymphs and cherubs… So not only does Strom have no taste in art, but he’s also hella-creepy!

Creepy and hypocritical too. Check out this tirade against the producers of the 2003 film Thirteen for:

what they are doing to our little children — teen and preteen White children — to normalize perverse and degenerate sexual behavior for them, to normalize homosexuality, to prematurely sexualize them, and to make interracial sex fashionable to them — can never be forgiven, can never be explained away. The media moguls who are doing this to our children deserve to be tried and punished for conspiracy, rape, gang rape, murder and attempted murder.

And how have other white-supremacists and Nazis reacted to Strom’s arrest? Not very well I’m afraid. One Karl Quandt wrote recently in an article titled Today’s Neo-Nazis Have No Respect For Tradition:

What is going on with today’s white nationalists? Here it is, 2007, and global Aryan supremacy is no closer to becoming a reality than it was 60 years ago. I lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of this new generation. These kids today are making a disgrace of neo-Nazism … It’s enough to make me ashamed to be a neo-Nazi … You can’t just call yourself the Master Race—you have to act like it, and hold yourself to a higher standard than those you despise and wish to exterminate. Have you seen the way these kids dress? Their idea of a “uniform” is a T-shirt and combat boots. The rural militias are even worse, with their filthy fatigues and long hair and beer guts. Excuse me, but I hardly think hillbilly rejects are what our great Führer had in mind when he dreamed of a world filled with Aryan supermen. I wouldn’t even let them in my front door, let alone conspire with them to blow up a synagogue … Don’t these people have any white pride? … Watching these kids throw drunken punches and thrash around like netted trout in their mosh pits, I’d be shocked if more than three of them could even goose-step in a straight line. They couldn’t make a train run on time if their lives depended on it, let alone conceive the V-2 rocket or Zyklon B … I suppose this new generation will probably call me an old geezer, just because I still believe in putting on a tie before giving the Hitler salute. But damn it, if we can’t live up to the values that made Nazism great, we might as well just not have any neo-Nazi movement at all.

Aw. Poor little Nazis. Well, while contemplating Strom’s inevitable jail-house sodomy, hopefully this award will give our embattled haters some measure of comfort. Well, this award and maybe a one gallon bottle of Asstro-Glide.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Uh… just in case no one figured it out, Karl Quandt’s Neo-Nazi rant appeared in the Onion – a satirical magazine…

  • Ya marhab Lisa,
    haaretz did more for your country than most of your media, including bloggers and pseudobloggers.
    take abu, who followed silly lebanon war on haaretz. for me haaretz, with its open talkback-policies was an outstanding example of openminded journalism, showing that media in your kind of democracy still can present all the crazy ideas going round in the middle east. you dont have to agree, you just have to make up your mind. putting haaretz close to nazis is strange. by the way: wouldnt it be more fun to look for love sites?
    allah ma’ak

  • I kinda have to read my Ha’aretz right before or right after reading my Jpost. Otherwise, the world simply looks too one-sided.

  • I suppose this where we say “this is why they hate us.” But anyway I personally love nazis. They are such interesting creatures. I mean who thinks Jews run the media and hold down Bush? I mean unless they are talking about all the Jewish Neo Cons and the Jews in the media and… well that didn’t help.

    This is interesting CK (meaning Christ Killer)…I still have no idea why they hate us so much…

    (Now for serious – This is very interesting and well done)

  • Yup, any corrupt Israeli officials should be thrown in jail along with, or right next to, Strom. If Katzav did indeed rape anybody, he is deserving of jail time.

    By the way, isn’t Strom a Jewish name?

  • Nazi websites regularly link articles from Haaretz. I’ve seen too many to count. The Jews hate themselves more than Nazis. That is why the Jewish people are doomed.

  • Yep, they ARE DOOMED !
    Unfortunately there is no God who will give them their proper punishment. But the day will come when the Khazars (Jews as some call those shits) will get what they deserve

  • TM – even psychos know how to google. That’s why Google’s stock tripled in the last quarter.

    Nevertheless, be pleased that Jewlicious comes up that fast on the search. Otherwise these fucks wouldn’t have the attention span to know you exist. They get distracted after page 2.

  • I love it when the nazis peek in here. Then we can remind them how irrelevant and powerless they are…

  • People are saying jews are the problems? Thats bullshit. The who upset our communites is the niggers and the border jumpers. For the Mexicans to say its a violation just shows that they have no respect for the U.S and the economic problems that can arise from them.

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