In a country that considers “football” to be a game played by silly men in shorts chasing a little ball, it’s no surprise that tomorrow’s Super Bowl merits nary a mention in Israel’s press. But this year’s a little different. Why? Well it seems that one of the top defensive players for the underdog Chicago Bears is a Canadian called Israel Idonije. Gil Hoffman, the Jerusalem Post’s chief political correspondent wrote an article in the Jerusalem Post comparing the State of Israel to Idonije and the Bears. I can’t seem to find a link, but here are the relevant points:

But Israel the country has more in common with the Bears than just Israel the player. Both are seeking a return to their former glory after years of problems … Both Israelis and Bears fans venerate their former leaders and question their current quarterback … Bears quarterback Rex Grossman [ed. note: Not a Jew by the way…] has had to bear almost as much criticism as this year as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Both men are under tremendous pressure and in danger of losing their jobs.. But Olmert is a jogger and Grossman never runs with the football … The Bears rely on their defense for survival because their offensive abilities are limited, just like the State of Israel. And both have had to rely on their reserves … Both Israel and the Bears accuse the media of being biased, which has only emboldened them to succeed … The Monsters of the Midway promise that they will be ready on Sunday in Miami, just as the mavens of the Middle East say they will be prepared for another Hizbullah attack next summer …

I know, I know… cute but kinda specious. I doubt Israelis are going to suddenly flock to their televisions to watch a game they have little familiarity with, even if one of the players is called Israel. So instead of football, allow me to illustrate this post with a neat music video: Desmond Dekker singing Israelites from a live taping done in 1969! Cool! Enjoy:

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  • great song, but live video? …not so much. he’s totally lip synching, and the version you hear is exactly the same as the original single. looks to me like a low-budg music video, but charming nonetheless.

  • Sorry ofri. You are totally right. It is a lip synch. But still live! And can you dig the outfits? The swingin’ dance moves? The groovy club? Go Bears! Or whatever …


    Also, what did the one square white guy whisper to the other one that caused him such glee?

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