klezJust in from the Grammys, Jewish Alt-Klezmer Supergroup have won Best Contemporary World Music Album (Vocal or Instrumental.) for Wonder Wheel – Lyrics by Woody Guthrie
The Klezmatics [Jewish Music Group]. That is great news for Jewish music in general and one of our sponsors Jewish Music Group. Mazel Tov! These brilliant musicians have finally acheived recognition for their amazing talent.

Sadly, our friend Matisyahu didn’t win for Best Reggae Album, which went to Love Is My Religion by Ziggy Marley. What can you do when you are up against such yichus?

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Matisyahu is not Reggae. His earlier very good “Live at Stubbs” was Reggae. SInce then, “Youth” was hip hop/gangsta rap a putrid, disgraceful ripoff piece of junk. An obvious commercializes attempt at cashing in on the fame and curio factor.

    His latest CD which for some reason you all have ignored as if it does not exist, from what I have read is also hip hop ish. I do not expect that I will be buying it, but was hoping for a review over here, for some odd reason this is not happening.

  • dude – its not a full blown release. It’s an EP. I’ve heard bits and pieces of it here and there but I do not have it in my hands. Given that, there’s no review, ok?

  • OK my bad. I thought there was a cover to Stings’ Message in a bottle, and other new songs. Still, I am surprised that you did not even mention it, after all the posts you had about “Youth”?

  • No Jobber, it was you and all of your comments about Youth and Matisyahu that must be confusing you with our relatively few posts and comments about Matisyahu. This is a tiresome obsession of yours.

  • This is incorrect Midie. Michael had a huge article on the new album, “YOUTH”, Matisyahu headlines your Beach event last years, just last year! Esther K. has a piece on Pesach Sedder at Boston U., and there was constant pics of him in JTown.

    I would say that is hefty exposure. Would you disagree?

  • also you had pics of him many times, w/ Levi, w/Tali, w/ Sting.

    I am probably leaving out quite a bit.

    Then there was the whole JDub ugly affair discussions.

  • No Jobber, even considering that he appeared at Jewlicious 2.0, we still don’t talk about him individually or collectively as much as you. Let it go, man, you’re obsessive about him.

  • C’mon… can we stick to the topic at hand!
    A brand new record label… called JMG, Jewish Music Group… see Jewish right there in the title, won a Grammy award!

    That has to mean more great Jewish Music right?

    Also, what can we do about the problem of there not being a Jewish Award on the Grammy…

    I mean there are Polka categories, and Hawaiian Music categories!!!

    I think Wonder Wheel is a great album… and I am happy for the little record company that is pushing Jewish Music into the mainstream.

    Mazel Tov!

  • Lost in the hoopla was another important story for Jewish-related music. The winner of best jazz soloist award went to one of the great Jewish jazz cats of the modern-era, Michael Brecker.

    Unfortunately his Grammy is posthumous. Michael died recently of MDS, otherwise known as Myelodysplastic Syndrome.


    It’s a Lukemia thing, the only possible cure is a bone marrow transplant. Michael, being of East European Jewish descent, did not have the largest pool of matching donors to choose from. There are quite a few registries out there but these folks have one that those of us descended from the former Soviet Bloc countries might count on:


    I didn’t watch the Grammys because there was a Steve McQueen movie on and that’s a no brainer. I’m assuming the Jazz awards weren’t televised but if not someone let me know. I listened quite a bit to the Brecker Bros. growing up – they were everywhere in all genres of recordings… alav hashalom Michael Brecker.

  • Was a comment on the Rabbi’s sardonic statement, about Yichus.

    I can comment on a post and you can stop calling me names, like obsesive. The topic is posted by the Rabbi.

    Middle needs to grow.

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