ayalmy second surprise is pretty much a one-man-act. The person behind this title is Ayal Nistor, who has recently moved from Tel Aviv, Israel – to San Francisco, USA, after spending a period in Brighton, UK. The ‘my second surprise’ experience is a bitter-sweet journey through the paths of melancholy, not without a joyful wink. [my second surprise on myspace.com

my second surprise’s breath-taking debut video Perfect Cure won the Best Israeli Video of the Year at the AMI 2006 award (the Israeli grammy), and was chosen for the Indie Music Video Festival (Canada, USA). Perfect Cure has been playing recently on MTV europe.

On his unique one-man-band show, Ayal —who is also appearing on the new SNOCAP promo video — is taking the singer-songwriter format to new and exciting boundriesby using live sampling with vocals, percussion, acousitc guitar, synth and effects.

My Second Suprise records for a new and exciting label from Israel, Oleh Records.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • OK Rabbi Yonah, I for one was disturbed by the video. I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but I think it may be alas yet another gambit to ‘feel up’ yet another thin pretty young thing that has been ‘medicalized’ or written out of existence. She never speaks, she never quite acts, but invasive things are constantly being done to her. There’s an element of medical fetishism here that the work obviously speaks to. The entire overall effect again is just creepy to my eyes. Just some thoughts. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • Ayal’s music has been described as a “bitter-sweet journey through the paths of melancholy – not without a joyful wink.” The video for Perfect Cure I think demonstrates that. This clip contains the most complex visual effects ever to be created in Israel, and this year won the ‘best video of the year’ AMI award (the israeli grammy). I’ll take a dark and disturbing video over yet another celebration of hoochie Mommas shakin their “thang” while draped over gangsta rappers any day.

    I like the song and I like the music and I am totally looking forward to seeing this performance at Jewlicious at the Beach! Good score Rabbi Yo!

  • they’re trying to revive her because she’s too skinny, right?

    I thought this was at first a tie-in to the recent episose of Grey’s Anatomy, sounds like the music on that show…

  • Great song & video. The video may be to deep for the average audience & drags a little long but the closure of the video makes it complete. You have to be patient.
    The relationship between life (rebirth, baptism, resurrection, shedding of the skin, etc…..) & water is a classic theme.