The LATimes reported that Florida is updating is protection of tortoises. That is double speak for, “Instead of killing 10,000 this year, well, by golly, we’ll try tocut that down by a little bit.” And its not for food, clothing, or medicinal reasons—just the wholesale destruction of habitat to make way for more homes to get destroyed by hurricanes.

Still here is what goes on:

Since 1991, the state has issued permits to kill more than 74,000 tortoises in the course of construction by burying or crushing. Because of their slow metabolism, the buried animals may not die for months.

Or 7,400 per year. And the tortoises will keep getting crushed because the new law does not back-date experimentation, and but rather grandfathers in old cases.

Gov. Jeb Bush: stop burying these poor critters alive and work some of your legal magic (remember the stuff you used back in 2000 when all those elderly Jews voted for Buchanan?) and have the state protect these tortoises now from this cruel fate.

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  • That's another wonderful article! Just one comment about that:"1st millennium BC when it is picked up by Iranic/Turkic warrior confederations that the horse starts to affect Eurasia in a big way, and that is precisely the time when the Scythians appear in West Eurasia from their eastern homeland".Scythians appeared in Steppe from East for sure. But IE languages and Iranian ones appeared in Stepper (if ever did) not from East but rather from South-West.

  • Read “The Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie (if you haven’t already).Actually, read “Midnight’s Children” first (just because it’s a more entertaining read) and then read “The Satanic Verses”.