It’s not too late to apply for this summer’s ROI Summit in Israel…

Why should you apply for this opportunity to spend time in Israel and network with the people who will be the future of Jewish leadership? Aside from that? Well, here’s an example of one way that the ROI network has helped connect young Jews to an opportunity…

As many of you know, I’m also senior editor for PresenTense Magazine, which made an auspicious debut with its pilot issue, Issue Zero, at last summer’s ROI summit, with editor and publisher Ariel Beery on-site as an ROI participant. The next issue, Issue One, was all set to go to layout, but then, mere days after the conclusion of ROI, war struck Israel. The content was reconfigured to include war-related pieces and pieces about Israel, including significant contributions from young innovators who became acquainted with the magazine through ROI.

The new issue, Issue One, featured a cover story by ROI alumnus and “Charlie” fellow Lindsay Litowitz, who spent much of the wartime in Tsefat, a city under Katyusha fire. Other contributors included: Gabriel Weitz (himself the editor/publisher of Argentinean Jewish youth magazine STAM!) on Argentinean Jewry, Karoline Henriques on the Jews of Copenhagen, Rabbi Avi Poupko on “Wearing Different Hats,” and “Charlie” fellow Oren Griffin providing an excerpt of his memoir based on his experiences in the IDF, “A Soldier Comes Home.” Cartoonist and “Jewish robot” William Levin provided an endpage cartoon for the issue.

The upcoming Issue Two, to be published next week and which will be available at the ROI Summit this summer, also features contributions from ROI alumni, including Emunah Music’s Daniel Silverstein writing about the Jewish scene in London, Seth Garz proposing a year of Jewish service, and Laya Millman on ten ways to fight slavery locally and internationally. Fellow ROInik Aaron Small served on the editorial staff for the new issue, which also features a photo essay about Leading Up North, a special Israel leadership program organized by the CLI and involving about 20 ROI alumni.

PresenTense provides just one example of the kinds of connections that ROI participants make on-site and through the post-summit network. How will you connect to your Jewish future? Apply now at

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