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I don’t know why I keep going on about how great Jewlicious at the Beach 3.0 is going to be. We’re pretty much sold out – if you don’t buy your ticket extremely soon, you’re simply NOT going to get in. Forget about walking in on the day of too. But fear not – this coming weekend will generate gigabytes of digital data that we will be happy to share with you – if only to entice you to come to Jewlicious at the Beach 4. Or the Jewlicious Cruise. Or whatever the hell it is we think of next.

One of the presenters who will make it easy for us to make those of you not joining us feel envious is Kitra Cahana. Her photos have appeared in many international newspapers and magazines, as well as on the covers of the New York Times and USA Today. She has been the recipient of numerous awards, including 3rd place in the Pictures of the Year International Magazine News Picture Story category for her photos of the Israeli Disengagement from the Gaza Strip. Last fall she returned from a independent project in Ethiopia and Israel where she photographed the Falash Mura. Some of those photos are shown above and you can see the rest on her Web site,

Kitra’s photos have a haunted quality to them and her use of light and her eye for drama are impressive and envy inducing. She studies at McGill University in Montreal, a city that seems to have a tradition of precocious and talented female photographers. We are very pleased to have her join us and her presence will surely be a source of inspiration to all those attending.

Oh one other thing. Kitra is 19.

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