three_years_icon.jpg Today is three days of the Omer, connected with the sefira of Tiferet within Chesed, or harmony in loving kindness, or balance in grace. When I’ve been hurt -where does the pain go? Where do I go to achieve balance?

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Is this a daily feature, lol.

    I dont know Rabbi, I get nothing out of the Omer thing. I say it, hope to make the whole thing, know that i won’t at some point, deep in the count I will forget at night and the next day, forget what day, and drop it.

    How do you attain this kind of deepness like you do in something really simple like this counting thing?

  • Great question.
    I cannot achieve anything overnight.
    It takes time and effort and daily meditation.
    As well, discipline is a crucial part of a spiritual life. I use this time to help focus.

    BTW R Simon Jacobson did a very good job in his omer book.