I forgot to write this introduction to the counting of the Omer. The omer counting is a period of self reflection different than other times of year. It helps develop discipline, which is needed for a spiritual life. Just as the Jews went through a period of growth and self-knowledge after they marched from bondage and slavery into freedom, we have the chance each year to also experience that personal growth. We prepare for Matan Torah, the giving of the torah on Shavuot. Can you imagine how much better I do when I prepare for something, than when I try to wing it? Yes, I can go into Shavuot on a limb, and it will still be a high. But I am fooling myself if I think that 7 weeks of preparation won’t help bring the whole thing so much higher, and connect me to the meaning of the holydays, and the revelation at Mt. Sinai.

5sign2.jpgToday is the fifth day of the omer corresponding to the sefira of hod within chesed, or humility within lovingkindness, which is also order in grace. Distinguishing from one kind of love and another, as opposed to being cynical at all love, realizing that there is so much love available, and that I have so much love to give.

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  • Only partly to be a wise ass, but partly seriously…”The omer counting is a period of self reflection different than other times of year”…can you show me the period on the calendar when I am not supposed to be doing this?

  • Can you please let me know when Passover really ends Rabbi? Here in the Shtetl it starts the day after Purim and then no one buys Chometz from anyplace expect the Store That Has The Monopoly (STHTM) until next Pesach. Thanks.

  • Passover is over.
    It began eight days ago.

    Not sure what you mean about the store…

    Times of year NOT to reflect?
    How about between purim and passover?
    Its lets get over the hangover and finish the booze time.
    Isnt it?

  • THE kosher grocery market.
    Thanks, now you got me California dreaming, because I’m telling you, Chometz phobia starts the day after Purim.

  • Rabbi Yonah, the day after Pessach is a depression day. Even a non Chabidist was hoping for Moshiach to come yesteday, that would be the day, look at the HafTorah we read. That is to say, We also want Moshiach, and yesterday was the setting. But it was not to be again.