ravHe was the crowd favorite for the last two year’s running at our festival, and now we can give back some love. Rav Shmuel has this amazing video for his song “Protocols”. Like the song, its edgy and humorous, and deserves to get Rav Shmuel some good attention.

Protocols is currently the #1 rated music video at the www.ourstage.com monthly contest and now has the chance of winning REAL recognition and $5000 towards significant publicity and management development – any up-and-coming artist’s dream.

To help Protocols win you send MVID08 as a text message to 78243! [Each text costs 50 cents, but hey, if tens of millions of people can fork over a few nickels and dimes for Senjaya…. ;-)]
This text must be sent by tonight and you can vote as many times as you’d like. This is a really great opportunity for Rav Shmuel to get some much needed exposure – and to get the important message of “Protocols” some attention! Maybe he can tour Iran?

You can watch the video and see where Rav Shmuel is standing in the vote by going to this page: http://www.ourstage.com/judge?channel=8-music-videos

Help show Rav Shmuel our appreciation for his involvement in Jewlicious Festival! —Thanks!

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