Despite everything, we got nominated for several Jewish Israel Blog Awards. This years undertaking has been fraught with complications and difficulties for the organizers who have had to fight off cheaters employing bots as well as Turkish hackers who hacked their home page, the usual disgruntled comments etc. Theirs is a thankless task and despite my disdain for such awards, I went through the site and discovered a whole new world of cool blogs and perspectives.

So… go ahead. Check out the categories for which we’ve been nominated. Check out other categories. Vote for us, don’t vote for us, do what you like but understand that I support the guys who run the JIBs and that I think it’s a worthwhile exercise.

Jewlicious Nominations:
Best Group Blog
Best Jewish Culture Blog
Best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog
Best Slice of Life in Israel Blog
Best Designed Blog
Best Contribution / Blog that Made a Difference

As Esther mentioned previously, do note that Michael’s blog KosherEucharist, has been nominated in several categories (with massive disclaimers about the perviness of the content!!) as well. You all should really piss him off and vote for him. That would be awesome – I am not going to point you directly to where he’s been nominated because he’ll kill me as is, but find him and vote (MATURE CONTENT, NOT FAMILY ORIENTED!). Esther is also too modest to point out that JDaters Anonymous has been nominated in the Best Humor Blog category. Show her some love.

Don’t forget to also vote for OyBay as Best New Blog because Tomer is THAT cool. Help the new bloggers out… Let’s also not forget MidEast Piece – vote for John and Matt’s blog here – but remember, it’s a homo blog and organizers of the JIBs have seen fit to let you know that it’s not “family oriented,” because we all know that the homos are the enemies of family.

Did I miss anyone? Leave a comment and let me know. Did you come across any cool new blogs? Tell us about it!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I’ve personally always felt that Michael’s posts were contrary to family values, but was afraid to say anything for fear of sounding prudish. But now that I’ve been vindicated, I even posted a letter on my door warning both of my neighbors on my top floor and anyone else who is visiting (them, I don’t have visitors except rarely late at night, and only if they, um, drank. A lot.) about Michael’s J (?) posts on my door, and though I later took it down (my neighbors aren’t Jewish and thought I was proselytizing), my warning stands.

  • Thanks, CK for the shout out. I haven’t paid much attention to the JIBs but you’re right – there’s a lot of neat writing going on out there. Oh! And here’s to family values!

  • ck, if I wasn’t forthright in the past concerning my deeply-felt affection for you and everything you stand for, let it be henceforth proclaimed throughout the land that I anoint you as supremely awesome! 😀

  • the main reason i’m sutting down cannabis chassidis is secretly because i’m so heart broken about not having been nominated for anything. sniffle, sob, whine, storm out of room, slam door, sniffle…