You know the ads: the new, flashy model making the old stodgy stalwart feel hopelessly unhip and inadequate.

At Frumster, they’re “honoring” (copying? paying homage to?) the ads with two of their own, comparing online daters to regular daters. (The upshot: online daters=customizable, offline daters=freakshow.)

Over at GodTube, they’re rebranding and reframing Christianity itself. If you’re old-fashioned, nerdy, wear a suit and have so many bumper stickers that you’ve run out of room on your car and wear them on the inside of your sportsjacket, you’re “a Christian.” But if you’re kind of casual (“sitcom writer hot”) pray when you want to (even on Saturday, if you want), and don’t see the need to wear your Christianity on your sleeve, you’re a “Christ-follower.”

Will JewTube step up by providing another set of comparisons? How will Jews ever decide on two types to compare, what with everyone defining their religious approach differently these days?

Maybe the new model is better. But maybe you should keep what you’re used to, and a system that means something to you instead of running out to get the new machine with the most plugins?

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