Winograd: “[the prime minister demonstrated] a serious failure in exercising judgment, responsibility and prudence.

Olmert: “[I] intend to work to fix what needs to be fixed, thoroughly and quickly”.

So, tell the Muffti, how is Olmert going to become more prudent, responsible and better at exercizing judgment? The only thing we can be sure of is that he isn’t going with out a fight.

Maybe Olmert could improve. Muffti isn’t sure and politics is a tough game. What he is sure about however, is that these sorts of political struggles to keep power generally go badly. The end is generally fixed and protracted struggles against the populaces’ will, your own parties demands and ruin to your party, if not your country. And, of course, while this always seems true, it couldn’t happen at a worse time. Kassams are falling, the Syrians are giving off only mildly ambiguous war signals and the Iranians are regularly threatening Israel’s destruction. Maybe the report will spur Olmert into intelligent action; most likely, and regretably, we have painful months of squirming ahead of us as Israel goes slowly towards new leadership. Olmert, have some dignity and quit while you are behind.

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