matzha_s.jpgWhatever side of the Kitniyot war you may be on, Passover is one of the most joyous times of the Jewish year. However, unrealistic cleaning expectations can derail even the jolliest soul. Here is the one page guide that I have been updating for the last few years: Kosher for Passover 2007

Eric Schwartz aka Smooth-E’s will make you laugh with his Matzah Anthem.

Many have enjoyed the ACN’s Matzah Man spoof of Macho Man, though I thought they missed a great opportunity.

Lover’s of Jimmy Buffet will enjoy Manischewitzville – though the video could use some help from our friend William “Shabot 6000” Levin.

New rapper D. Dog Dorf and his Matzah Ball Rap.

or a 45 minute Passover class:

Mystical Passover
A class delivered at Chapman University starting with Passover basics, continuing into mystical elements of the four cups and ending with a classic Reb Shlomo Story, after the bump.

Chag Kasher v Sameach – A Kusher un a Freiliche Pesach – Have a Happy and Kosher Passover!

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  • Hey there! I’m a goy whose a fan of pesach. I have IBS so I have to eat gluten free. Jews can’t have chometz for 8 days, but I can’t have it all year. And I can’t even have matzo! So at passover there’s lots of good gluten free baked goods in the supermarket. 🙂
    So, I googled “passover 2007” for the exact start/end dates and found your blog entry. Funny stuff.