Commercials these days are all about leaving an impression, whether of nostalgia and warmth or inventive hilarity. They leave an impression on the viewer, but perhaps not always a brand-related one. If you press me, or press a trigger to my head, perhaps I could tell you which car goes “zoom zoom.” But more likely, I wouldn’t be able to.

Clearly enough ad agencies and corporations believe that it’s better to get people talking about your product in whatever way possible, to keep people entertained and curious, than it is to present a plain-facts approach. It’s not about being sexy per se, it’s about being creative enough to leave an impact.

Should Judaism take a page from contemporary advertising? Some blogger over at the JTA takes a stab at this question…

So perhaps it’s time for Judaism to take a lesson from Mac, Geico, Priceline, Travelocity and others by sinking money and creativity into a “corporate rebrand” and hiring today’s most innovative thinkers to create a Judaism that really pops. With many Jews falling prey to health and diet messages in the mainstream media, the vitamin-deprived may want to open a new can of Coke and try new Diet Judaism Plus: no calories, tastes like regular Diet Judaism, but with a supplementary 10 percent of the religious equivalent of whatever zinc and potassium represent in this metaphor.

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