Jailed terrorist Mohammed Irman’s literary style was recently uncovered as his soon-to-be-required-reading book was released and is now on sale for 2$ on the streets of Ramallah. Imram was part of a cell responsible for the death of 35 Israeli citizens in the course of two bombings in particular: cafe moment and the Frank Sinatra cafe. He apparently wrote the book in prison and no one is sure how the book was smuggled out.

Excerpts are available at the McLatchy Washington Bureau, who got a hold of a copy and translated it. They are worth reading and here are some classic moments:

The harsh treatment and humiliation by the soldiers against the Palestinians who passed through the checkpoint was clear, so, because of the humiliation of Palestinian dignity at this checkpoint, we decided to target it, especially since one year had passed since the checkpoint had been set up without it being targeted by shooting or any other kind of attack.

We monitored the jeep and noticed that it always showed up on time every morning and evening. But we chose morning for many reasons, such as: the quiet, the lack of Palestinian vehicles on the road that leads to the checkpoint, and the easy escape after carried out of the attack.

We monitored the jeep every day for two weeks until it was the right time for attack.

After we put our faith in God and everything was ready, we had to carry out the operation. We left our village around 1:30 AM Friday morning and, one day before (on Thursday), I took the bomb, which was a computer monitor, after I armed it and installed the shrapnel, which was nearly 1,500 metal balls, and hid it in a place close to the operation point.

We imagined that all 1,500 pieces of shrapnel would fly like bullets towards the target in a semi-circle. When we arrived, we divided up the tasks; we agreed that I would plant the bomb… in high point, parallel to the heads and bodies of the Israeli soldiers, so I hid it among the grass on the nearby hill. We connected the bomb to the wire which would be usedlater to detonate the bomb and carried it 100 yards away from the bomb. I kept the safety key switched off and tested the remote to see if it sent a signal and the receiver received it. And I asked Huthaifa to go to the spot where he would detonate the bomb… and test the remote signal again from there, and he did. When the test results were OK, I told Huthaifa that everything was OK. Then I switched on the safety key and returned to the car. A few minutes after we left, I heard a huge explosion that shook the whole area.

At first I thought that the Israelis had shelled us from the nearby Jewish settlement, so we ran to the car and waited a minute for Huthaifa and then we drove back to the village. On our way back, Huthaifa told me that he had pushed the remote control button again by mistake, causing the bomb to explode.

Now for Muffti and Kenny’s favourite part, emphasis Muffti’s:

This person I was going to meet had a special dress and look which I knew. The question I would have to ask him would be: Where is the Ministry of Education? He will tell you: It is in Bir Zeit. Then I will know that this is the right person.This person was the martyr Fouad Ismael Horani. He was studying in Ramallah the UNRWA teachers college which had graduated many brave lions in the field of battle before him, like Mohammed Abu Wardeh, Salah Jadallah, and Raed Shaghnobi. While I was speaking to him, I felt that I was speaking to an angel. I can’t find the words to describe him or even explain his talents. I will tell you about him later on when I discuss his martyrdom story.

UNRWA teacher’s college graduates many brave lions in the field of battle, eh? Glad to hear!

Muffti is waiting for the American version to come out, where no doubt such luminaries as Carter can contribute quotations for the back page:

‘A real page turner! A must read for any aspiring militant!’

‘Never has the face of freedom fighting looked so human! Brilliant prose from a man with a brilliant carreer!’

According to McLatchy, a total of 50,000 copies of the book are planned for release, 15,000 already out in the West Bank. The excerpts are certainly interesting – at moments they have a Tarantino film feel because so many things go wrong due to unexpected mechanical failure, human frailty and mistake. Unfortunately, other moments are like a Tarantino film on account of the sheer brutality invovled.

Hat tip to Muffti’s drummer, Kenny.

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