3_2_Herod_the_Great__stone_.jpgHerod, elected King of the Jews by the Roman Senate, was buried at Herodium somewhere around 4 B.C. However, his tomb was not found in modern times until very recently. Hebrew University Professor Ehud Netzer’s search began in 1972 and ended in May. Yeshar Koach, Prof. Netzer!

Herod’s tomb was not easy to find: A Franciscan monk excavated Herodium from 1956-1962. The area was captured during the six day war and given over to Netzer. The failure to find Herod’s resting place was taken to be somewhat of a mystery that is now put to rest.

Herodium was pegged as the site of Herod’s tomb on account of Josephus Flavius’ account of his death. Thanks to Haaretz for a slightly premature but interesting announcement.

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