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  • It was full of illegal immigrants (and American supporters) who support the return of the Southeastern United States to Mexico.

    Those people have no respect for Americas laws, and even while breaking the laws, the feel like they have the “right” to speak out against America.

    I’m glad the adults were shot with beanbags.


  • Strange video. Lots of misinformation as well as apparently poor if not illegal behavior by the police. The buffering was terrible too. That’s the real human rights violation. 🙂

  • A few observations: 1) the police behaved with admirable restraint; 2) the buffoon making the film has his mind so firmly made up on this subject that he’s ignoring the basic fact that this rally was designed to demand the “right” to ignore U.S. immigration law; 3) for all the whining about how the cops were “shooting,” the fact is they were not firing lethal rounds, and people who obeyed the police’s lawful order to disperse wouldn’t have to worry about that in the first place.

    In short, this film was a piece of agitprop, and not even a very good piece of agitprop.

  • Oh, this is bullshit. I was writing and the site refreshed and deleted everything. I’ll try again. If you take the situation for more than just what this video shows (poorly) you’ll see the larger issues at hand.

    These people are doing nothing more than attempting to make a better life for their families, escape a corrupt government, and participate in the democratic process. I would hope that you would do the same for your children, just like most of our ancestors did when they came here from Europe. If they could come through Mexico instead of getting turned away at Ellis, when quotas ruled the day, thousands of our Jewish brothers and sisters would have been saved. I’d rather they be here legally, but the system doesn’t allow for it.

    First, this was a legal protest. There was a permit filed and approved by the city. If I hear one more person say “illegals have no rights” I’m going to puke. If the city thought it was a problem, they shouldn’t have approved the permit.

    Second, I have see several videos, and I saw NO provocation for dispursing a lawful congregation. There was not rioting, I didn’t see any rock throwing, no looting, nothing. The police responded to a small problem which was a block away from the rally, and decided to move into a crowd of families.

    In fact, a videographer for a local station was assaulted, while carying a camera that cost tens of thousands of dollars, while he attempted to cover the meyhem that was about to ensue. He wan’t in the way – in fact, he was attempting to get into his satellite vehicle, which was in the way of the police. I’m not going to say that it’s a systematic attempt to violate freedom of the press, but it’s sure pretty damn intimidating.

    Are you going to tell me that it’s OK to violate the civil rights of the many because they might (unbeknownst to them) be standing next to someone who is not in the country legally? You’re going to strip away MY rights because someone in my general vicinity may have committed a crime? That’s the worst possible thought I’ve ever heard.

    Third, where were these people supposed to dispurse to? Their cars were in the other direction! The police pushed the crowd from a large public park into neighborhood streets and sidewalks where traffic was still moving. I wonder how many windows were shot out by the rubber bullets? This is strategy?

    In closing, lets call a spade a spade. This was a poorly executed military-style manuver performed by overly agressive and poorly trained police officers in a community that lacks leadership and organization. Shame on the City of Los Angeles Police Department.

    And for the record, I want to know why, six years after September 11th, our borders still aren’t secure, we still have tons of Arabs here on expired student visas, and our immigration system hasn’t been touched. That’s what I’m protesting.

  • Amen to Boomer. Muffti’s comment musta gotten lost in the spam filter but frankly, sometimes he’s pretty appalled by some of our commentators and this is one instance of it. Maybe David should take a few bean bag shots before he goes mouthing off about admirable restraint and the admissability in non-riot circumstances of using nonletah force. Dickhead.


    My family waited 17 years to come to America from South Africa. (1982 – 1999)


    The police could have used real bullets and I wouldn’t have shed a tear. In fact it would be a move in the right direction.

    (I do feel bad for the kids who where shot, because they didn’t make an informed choice about being there)

    I absolutely agree that the borders aren’t secure.
    A terrorist camp in NY!!

  • GameJew gives me the creeps! No wonder he doesn’t have Jewish girlfriends.

  • Hey, Boomer and grand-putz– first, why not learn to spell before venting your spleen on-line? An inability to express yourself in written English does little for your arguments.

    Second, so what if these illegals are trying to escape a corrupt government? The fact that the Mexicans have screwed up Mexico is hardly a good reason to waive our own laws, move them here and let them have a go at this country. Want the law changed? Vote for change! Meanwhile, why not encourage people to respect the laws we’ve established in (what is still) our country?

    Finally, “dickhead,” I have no need to take any bean-bag shots, as I make it a point to abide by the law and avoid needless provocation of riot police. Perhaps you’ve taken a few too many…

  • Muffti’s spelling is impeccable.

    Unfortuantely, his typing isn’t. But anyone who evaluates arguments based on spelling is a dickhead.

    The question you ask is a good one, even if phrased rather offensively. What should US immigration policy and what to do about the illegal immigrants in your work force is a tough call Muffti thinks.

    But none of that is to the point at hand. The question(s) at hand was a) whether rally was legal b) whether or not the police acted with excessive force (c) whether the people that got shot were only people who didn’t disperse immeadiatly. Muffti has watched video after video of this of police firing on retreating protestors.

    Muffti’s taken no bean bags shots (other than a short bean bag fight back in grade 2, but that probably doesn’t count). but he’s pretty sure that if you took a few, you’d stop going on about how wonderfullly restrained a use of force they are. Anyhow, there’s a commission to look into the police tactics and then with any luck we can get some answers. until then, Muffti can’t help but think that things look bad.

    Even Fox news, the right’s right hand new station seems to claim that the incident was a result of police force.

  • Adam simply misses the point. David, who lacks the simple ettiquite of the blogging world, attacks spelling errors. Get a life – that’s very kindergarden of you. I don’t have time to sit and write a perfect essay for you. You should be intelligent enough to read and understand. If not, please get out of my gene pool.

    The point is not that many people are here illegally. I appreciate that your family did the right thing, and respected the laws of the country. Of course, you lose all credibility when you say,

    “The police could have used real bullets and I wouldn’t have shed a tear.” You truly should be ashamed. I’m not sure what you believe, but I’m pretty sure that any god or idol or belief system does not condone such a comment.

    So back to the point … the police acted improperly. Regardless of the legal status of some (many, most – it bears no difference) of the attendees, and regardless if the Bill of Rights applies to them, they have HUMAN rights.

    Immigration law needs to be changed, and as with most Human Rights issues, I hope that Jews are at the forefront.

  • Boomer, I attacked more than your pathetic attempts at writing. If you don’t have time to bang out a grammatical comment, then reflect on whether you have time to bother expressing your views at all. I’m quite intelligent enough to read and understand– why aren’t you intelligent enough to write?

    And yes, the point is that people are here illegally and they are attempting to undermine our legal system (all the while demanding benefits financed by others). Immigration law needs to be enforced more than changed. As to your insistence that it be changed– based on what? Your post-modern notions of “human rights?” Please. Try an actual argument, if you can spell one. Or is that too kindergarten for a sophisticate like you?

    If the police over-reacted (and this is not established by your repetition of hearsay), they didn’t kill or seriously injure anybody. All things considered, the demonstrators got to make their point (and dirty up a public space). People like you got to whine about human rights and bad-mouth the authorities (such radical chic!). And we’re still stuck with a bunch of illegals and nobody with the will power to get them out of here.

    So, everything seems pretty good, no?

  • Anyway, you can change the purpose of my post in any way you choose, but I’ll stick to my initial concept.

    People file a permit. Permit is aproved. Poeple act peacefully. Police order them to leave. Police move in large lines firing rubber bullets. Police assault members of the media. Police drive people into areas in which they have no refuge while firing rubber bullets. People should be treated better.

    If the Police did nothing wrong, why are you the ONLY one defending them. Even Fox News is reporting that the police went too far, and the Police apologized. Must be lonely on side of the fence.

    I’m no left wing nutbag. I’m a practical and pragmatic citizen who can clearly see the difference between right and wrong in this case.

    Regardless if some of the participants were here “wrongly” it does not give ANYONE a right to treat them “wronger.”