luou_1.jpg10. Post funny videos on JewTube on a trip to Israel with Livnot.

9. Bake Pineapple Challah, string leis, uncork some Baron Herzog wine, roast a brisket, and eat under the stars in grass-skirts for a Kosher Shabbat Luau.

8. Tailgate BBQ Havdalah at a Matisyahu Concert.

June2007sticker_1.jpg7. Experience a Jewish Pilgrimage during Rainbow Gathering’s Jerusalem Camp .

6. Infiltrate a major anti-Israel conference and blog about it at The World Says No to Israeli Occupation.

5. Hang with Jewish kids, fall in love with a fellow counselor, and have Rabbi Yonah perform your wedding by working at a Jewish summer camp.

4. Get off your tuches and get busy with Jewish Service.

kossars_1.jpg3. Have a spiritual awakening at Kossar’s Bialy.

2. Camp in the mountains at the Santa Cruz Shabbaton.

1. Dance, drink, and ponder at the Krakow Jewish Cultural Festival .

If you have more ideas send them us and we’ll publish an expanded list.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • For the Matisyahu concerts alot of those gigs listed on that link have him with a group called 311. in what respect is he going to perform there, that is, is he just going to do a song or 2 ?

  • If I had to construct a list of the Quintessential Gastronomic Delights of Jewish New York that everyone must have before they die, Kossar’s would be up there at the top of the list. (That list would not include Junior’s Cheesecake or H&H Bagels, FYI.) Spiritual experience, indeed.

  • Krakow, especially if the world’s greatest trumpet player, the Krakow native Tomasz Stanko, is playing at the Indigo jazz club.

  • Tom! Your bekius on the Polish jazz is very impressive. Really!
    Rabbi Yonah, you ment to add “Come to NY and learn some torah completely for free and GET a $1000 at the at the end of the month!”.
    For more info write to [email protected]

  • wow, when did rainbow gathering and the santa cruz shabbaton get so mainstream? i’m pretty sure benyomin wouldn’t be very happy about having the shabbaton publicized on the internet, and as far rainbow, that’s not really the type of event you would want to send your average nice, naive, Jewish college student to.