Les maudits Juifs!

Please stop sending me email. I got the message. Yes. Believe it or not I know that both Nicolas Sarkozy, the recently elected President of France, and Bernard Kouchner the current French minister of Foreign and European Affairs share a Jewish heritage.

Sarkozy lost 57 members of his family to the Holocaust and his Grandfather was Jewish from a notable Greek Sephardic family. Kouchner’s father is Jewish. OK, great. But get this – neither person is in fact Jewish, except maybe by Reform standards and, more importantly, neither considers themselves Jewish. Sarkozy, who leans to the right politically, is a Catholic who has expressed public admiration for the Pope and Kouchner, who is a limousine liberal with a swank apartment overlooking the Jardins Du Luxembourg, is too busy being fabulous to practice any religion.

Of course Sarkozy’s ascendancy in France is interesting. He was elected on an agenda meant to rid France of many of it’s cushy Socialist trappings in the hopes of making it more competitive in the world markets. He is also expected to take a hard line approach on issues addressing the rioting and dissatisfaction in France’s immigrant North African and Muslim communities. Kouchner, a leftist politician, a Nobel Prize winner and the founder of Doctors Without Borders, has serious Left wing street cred despite his independence of thought. Both are expected to foster warmer relations with the US.

But do you tipsters care about that? No. All you care about is that both politicians’ ancestors may have at one time eaten geffilte fish on Shabbat. You probably laugh whenever a character on a sitcom uses a Yiddishism, regardless of whether or not it’s funny. France is potentially about to undergo an upheaval unseen since the events of May 1968 and your interest in the matter parallels that of right wing conspiracy theorists and radical Islamic fundamentalists who see a Jew around every fucking corner. You think it’s a cause for pride, they think it’s sinister, but basically you’re both just as ignorant.

Fuck off! I got the point. I got it before you “tipped me off.” I didn’t care then and I don’t care now. The Jews have not taken over France. Sheesh.

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