JERUSALEM (AP) – Journalists on Sunday condemned Palestinian militants for using a television truck to disguise their assault on an Israeli military position, saying the new tactic would make their jobs significantly more dangerous.

So now that the journalists feel threatened they say something? Where are the condemnations after the Palestinians use ambulances, children, women, donkeys, and other decoys in their sick death-cult war against Israel.

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  • There was shock when suicide murder first appeared; that dissipated and is now rationalized. There was no shock when the ambulances were first used, and now only Israel is blamed for checking them. People could only say ‘look what they’re driven to’ when women and grandmothers began unmaking themselves among innocents.

    Now the media will be even more reluctant to cover the WB and Gaza (and will have less negative reporting for those territories, if they were to have had any), but will have access to any infraction by Israel, because of Israel’s openness. This will lead to more or the same amount of recriminations of Israel, and less, once again, on the Palestinians.

  • i think de-escalation is in order for this world war. how about non-violent direct action by muslims and left wingers (including the kind jewish people) on a common platform of social justice and peace? if you think about it, this is in both side’s interests. as violent action is replaced by non-violent action, greater political pressure is put on remedying the injustice in the world. At the same time, fewer are killed and less hate is being caused in the system of destruction. if you’re interested in this then email [email protected]

  • ok here’s the plan. jews who realise that God watches all that they do and muslims and left wingers get together and start non-violent direct action on a platform of social justice and peace. disrupt everything. quite easy really. this gives a morally superior method of resistance to the world war machine that is chewing up everywhere. people become attracted to non-violent direct action rather than terrorism and the world comes to peace. you know you’re good enough to do this. that’s if you want to please God.

  • In the early 80’s arab terrorists would kidnap reporters to force their newspapers/broadcasters to give favorable reporting.

  • In the early 80’s??? This has been and Still is going on, for decades by now! You do know that Palestinians are Currently holding BBC reporter Alan Johnston, and have been for months now? And that periodically they do this for the mad cash money they get by way of ready ransom from the big media corps, as they’ve recently gotten from the likes of Fox news, who had a crew kidnapped & ‘converted’ Last year? They coerce ‘confessions’ from the news crews on a regular basis, and then always demand not only more sympathetic coverage, but the right to ‘correct’ any future reporting from them. And the amazing thing is that this really works. Some of the most consistently positive (i.e. pro-PLO) reporting coming from any independent western news orgs. comes from the BBC. And yet they can’t keep their reporters safe when reporting from the area (here Gaza). So yes, terrorism is still working well for them, right? Clearly this would argue for a Putin like strategy for the press too. No free Press=No bad news. Simple really. They’ve got it all figured out in the PA! Works well for them. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • VJ: Something went wrong with the Alan Johnston kidnapping. That dude is dead. The only person holding Johnston, I’m sorry to say, is God in his warm and heavenly embrace.

  • Be that as it may CK, it still remains an unresolved issue. Ditto for the handful of US diplomats & officials who’ve been killed by the PA in the past few years, along with about 1/2 dozen US students who just happen to be visiting when the suicide bombers go off in markets, schools & on buses. For anyone who’s still counting and wanting some accounting from the ‘authority’ that seeks to be provided with the privilege of being recognized as a well functioning ‘state apparatus’. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • xisnotx, which subgroups are Hamas and which aren’t? Which sub-groups are Fatah and how do you know? Why is it common for two or three Palestinian groups to claim responsibility for the same attack? How do they coordinate these responses? How is it that so many different groups launch Qassem rockets using the same technology? Why is it that in the current civil war the fighting only identifies Fatah against Hamas?

  • TM, only Islamic Jihad claimed this attack. As far as I know, the Popular Resistance Committees are cross-pollinated with Hamas, but not IJ. As for the claims, everybody wants to get into de act.

  • Only Islamic Jihad claimed this attack because otherwise Hamas, the stronger party in the PA government, has to acknowledge they used a media truck to launch an attack inside Israel. It’s better to stay clean on this one.

    I think what you wrote is a little naive, xisnotx. These groups don’t want “to get into the act,” they take joint responsibility with forethought and strategy to confuse their enemy, the media, and to blur the lines between groups so as to make it more challenging to pinpoint who is who and who is responsible for what.

    When Schalit was kidnapped, an “unknown” group took responsibility. Then, magically, he became a Hamas prisoner. Wow, an unknown group dug a tunnel under the border fence and attacked a military outpost. Does that sound like something a small, unknown group would be able to do? Undetected? Of course not. It was a Hamas sub-group. Maintaining the fiction of a “cease fire” and being responsible politicians was what Hamas wanted to show the world, so another group took responsibility. It also helped with ensuring the Israelis didn’t have an “address” to which they could go “knocking” with their complaints…

  • I’ve just read the article, xisnotx, and, if anything, I am more convinced they are simply an offshoot of Hamas. Some of the differences claimed in the article actually indicate closeness.

  • From NPR.

    LINDA GRADSTEIN reporting:

    “The small Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility for the attack near the Kerem Shalom Crossing from Gaza into Israel, and said it was a joint operation with Hamas, which now runs the Palestinian government, and a previously unknown group calling itself the Islam Army.”

    Sowing confusion?