lindavidsyToday was the second day of staff meetings for the upcoming ROI120 Summit. Many sleepless nights caught up with me as I struggled to stay awake during our session today, but I’m pretty sure I caught the vast majority of what was discussed. Now, the details are unimportant but I couldn’t help but be touched by how a relatively diverse group of people with different backgrounds and approaches to their Judaism were nonetheless united in their desire to promote the values and ideals represented by ROI120. And what are those values and ideals? Well, ROI120 seems like it’s evolving into a real world manifestation of Web 2.0 – with user generated content representing a grass roots movement to define and almost reinvent Jewish leadership and innovation. In that respect, one of our challenges as moderators is not so much to guide the participants, but to help make the most of this fantastic networking opportunity – to make the most of the relatively brief time we have together so as to maximize the synergy potential when so many exceptional individuals gather. I don’t know about you, but I am almost giddy with excitement, big Jew geek that I am! Tonight we’re going to attend a Shabbat dinner with philanthropist extraordinaire, Lynn Schusterman. This time Lyndsay Litowitz (Tikkun Olam track moderator) and I will try not to dress exactly alike.

Below is a film shot this morning, edited and placed online by our Online Video Consultants Sara Liss and Avery Pack. Here you’ll be able to meet some of the other track moderators and watch me screw up a simple intro. Awesome job Sara and Avery!

I told you I was tired!

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  • Maybe I’m just a bitter chem grad student but Tzvika! Shit man! Two publications in reputable sicence journals?? Did you really need to mention that in a 15 second blurb about yourself? And in case y’all were wondering, most chemists I know are not so full of themselves. I mean it ain’t physics. Or brain surgery.

  • Having worked on a few doc films, editors can be real SOB’s. Of course, Master’s Tzvika could be suffering from NPD.

  • hi ck. the militaristic garb when tubby isn’t a good look. what are you going to do after waddling up to a hezbollah mujaheddin? gobble him up? you’re not quite as rotund as a mobius but come on!

  • joe ink, how does a sleeveless t-shirt qualify as militaristic garb? Where are the insignia? The epaulets? The gold braid? An all-black outfit, especially this time of year, would prove to be quite a hindrance in south Lebanon or wherever it is Hezbollah mujaheddin are to be found, no doubt cowering in hospitals and orphanages, quietly high-fiving each other for their glorious victory over the IDF last summer. Black would not blend in very well with the terrain and make the combatant wearing the outfit quite hot during the day.

    I don’t know mobius personally but all indications are that he is, as you describe him, rather rotund. I do know ck rather well and I’ve never known him to waddle. He is actually rather hot. Just look at that punim! He’s a vegetarian, excercises regularly and holds his own on a basketball court.

    I don’t know what the point of your comment was, maybe you’re a member of the fashion police, or just a mean spirited individual. Perhaps you have very high standards? Could you possibly grace us with a link to a photo of your doubtlessly Adonnis-like bod?

    I will be sitting here by my computer, refreshing this page constantly, in breathless anticipation of your response.

  • Joe, that was mean. I confess that the only reason I watched that ROI video was to see if David (my brother) was really looking as good as the pic suggested…And he does! He looks great! Keep up the good work brother! Although I must admit that my douche-o-meter (I like that one) spikes whenever I see a guy
    (or girl) in that stupid, short brimmed cap or in tanks (unless your at the beach). Like guys wuth shirtless facebooks pics. Really hot.