Eichmann’s Red Cross issued passport used to leave Italy for Argentina in 1950 surfaced in an archive in Buenos Aries. Those were the days when Israel captured enemies of the Jewish people and tried them.

A mass grave of thousands of Jews was discovered in Ukraine. Its one of anywhere between 350-700 mass graves of Jews across Ukraine murdered by Germans.

The 64 page diary of Rutka Laskier, a 14 year old Polish Jewish girl from Bedzin, which survived the war with a Polish family was unveiled at Yad Va Shem – the girl and her family were gassed and cremated at Auschwitz.

Funny that it wasn’t kept in Poland for the new Museum of Polish Jewry which breaks ground (again) this month.

Meanwhile the grip of a new Hitler takes hold in the Middle East.

In 60 years it could be Abu Mazen’s forged Swiss passport, the diary of a 14 year old Jewish girl from Afula, and newly uncovered radioactive graves north of Jaffa that are the lead stories of day — unless we wake up from our worldwide slumber.

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  • I feel a bit conflicted that the first time I am compelled to comment it is to criticize R. Yonah. But, you don’t think it’s a wee bit tacky (I’m sticking with that understatement for now) and simplistic to compare the the Israeli-Palestinian conflict/whatever to the Shoah?
    Seriously-I can think of a lot ways to say “Israel is in danger and surrounded by people who want to destroy us”, but Holocaust analogies hardly seem appropriate, if only because they are weak-oh, inaccurate and totally disrespectful. Smacks of Bush’s recent Iraq-Korea analogy…except it’s about the Shoah, so it’s not only wrong in a geo-political sense, it’s dirty rhetoric.

  • I was agreeing with Rabbi Yo’s post, not Tovitim.

    Tovitim, there are never exact analogies.

    What is going on now, at any time, has never happened before, in quite the same, exact way. It is always just different enough not to be recognizable as essentially the same thing.

    What part of “people who want to destroy us” don’t you understand?

    People always fight the last war.

    You don’t fundamentally think the current crop of destroyers have the smarts, or the big fancy machines? Well, they have brains and hands just like anybody else, and they are very busy both developing them, and buying them.

    You really must respect your opponents more. They are qute smart and tough. And they are not kidding about destroying you.

    Rabbi Yo’s point is we are such a holy, peaceful people, and we have such a firm promise from, and trust in, G-d, that we just don’t think anybody can wax our collective tush. Not again. That was so last year.

    He is inviting us to reconsider that. He has read this week’s Parsha. He’s a rabbi, after all.