So much jewsy news today.

Republicans like contraception more than Israel. (But feel compelled to tell AIPAC they still want to be friends.)

Ban Ki-moon brings some back-bone to the UN calling the Human Wrongs Council a bunch of bullies.

Pelosi can return for vacation to Damascus on our tax-bill.

Israel is sending messages to Iran, the Hallmark F-16 variety.

Henry Wexler is calling the EU on the mat for being nice to Nasrallah.

University of California forced to change move-in days that conflict with Jewish HolyDays. This year it’s on Yom Kippur.

And last but not least, Olmert hands over 400,000,000 USD Abbas so he can buy more guns to let fall into the hands of Hamas when they take over the West Bank.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • And Dems like abortions more than Israel.
    and public schools more than yeshiva, arabs more than Jews, black rioters more than Chabadniks, etc

  • What regretful misinformation is both irresponsible and harmful. Jewish and Christian Americans (not to mention those who aren’t are still almost all supported by Jews and Christians) are profoundly supportive of Israel. Beyond the great financial, business, and military support, if required, I am confident we will stake our lives to defend Israel. Our connection is profound: it is disappointing almost to the point of insult to hear such comments as this one.

  • I guess I should speak to the content as well: so the bill that included $2.4 Billion USD aid for Israel was actually a $32 Billion USD bill that was axed because some money could ultimately be used for abortions (mothers killing their unborn children usually during a point of weakness and now known to be often to the greatest of remorse and emotional damage later in life).

    What a good friend the author is, that should one dare to stand on a principle against what we believe to be murder, even though we’ve been friends to such an extreme from the start (are we not Israel’s best friend in the world?) he would turn on us with such a slam.

    Thanks a lot, pal.

  • Excellent point: since the author also slams a leader of the other party, we should certainly consider the invalid accusations of betrayal as a balanced article.

  • Sometimes one responds to an article at night from a keyboard and it’s captured on the internet forever, like a tattoo on my name, the permanent ink of the web distorts my persona even as the sands of time and daylight soften my opinions than a moment in time years ago when I wrote while annoyed at 11pm.

    Let’s all remember people change and the internet history doesn’t necessarily reflect today’s reality.