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The killing and genocide in Darfur is not the result of the Muslim government or its militias, according a new and shocking report from Sudan’s Minister of Defense, Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein. (See below: I think he is the Sudanese Interior Minister)

Apparently, Jews are behind this whole thing, ynetnews reports:

The Darfur issue is being fuelled by 24 Jewish organizations, who are making the largest amount of noise over the issue, and using the Holocaust in their campaigning,” the Sudanese defense minister replied.

“Yes, they provide political and material support through their control over the media and across American and British circles,” Hussein said, adding that Jewish groups were using “all means to fuel these conflicts.”

He added that Western reports of 200,000 people dying in Sudan were false, and said: “We talk about 9,000 dead as a result of either government or rebel actions.”

There is just one big problem: This man accusing the Jews of behind behind the crisis appears as a Sudanese interior minister official in this article in the New York Times where he did not blame the Jews.

Also an article in the Sudan Times names him as a Sudanese Interior Minister.

We also have reports that Jews are behind global warming, the rise in the price of noodles with beef in Western China, and bad television.

Well, at least we know that Sudan has become part of the Axis-of-blame-the-Jews-for-everything.

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Rabbi Yonah


  • Jews are no doubt among those responsible for bad television. We cannot claim full innocence on that front.

  • Wait! Did that idiot just admit that the world knows of their perfidy & murders Because of Jews and their attention to Genocide? Even if for just ‘9,000’ souls, this is very impressive indeed! A proud accomplishment in any language. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • He’s not really ‘blaming’ Jews, he’s terming them responsible for having gotten the word out on Darfur. And this is bad news?

  • Rabbi Yo – are you really surprised?

    Phoebe, are you talking French television? Because we are not responsible for Chantal Goya.