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  • Confronting the Challenges of Tomorrow
    While Cherishing Today

    Our world today confronts current economic hardship, which represent both a challenge and an opportunity for us to assert our ability to work together for the good of all. Efforts to combat abuse and waste have fallen short. Many countries around the world suffer from the shortage of resources such as water and energy, which threatens their stability and whose capacity and resources disable them from containing the panic, thus necessitating, in such a situation, assistance for those countries in dealing with the crisis. Our world also confronts numerous environmental challenges such as limited and declining natural resources, climate change, drought and desertification, all of which require the redoubling of worldwide efforts to address them in order to safeguard the right of future generations to a secure life. The scarcity of water and energy threatens the eruption of conflicts in different parts of the world, and the nations of the world are therefore called upon to maximize the benefit from, and the proper management of, available water and energy resources while respecting and protecting the acquired rights of nations to utilize and further develop those resources.
    We must work together as a cohesive force to expedite development of natural resources, eliminate the abuse of the environment. Utilize today’s technology to expand the desalinization of water increase and expedite the development of Alternative energy with an environmental balance.
    We must learn to appreciate what we have today while protecting and preserving our natural resources for our sake and for future generations.
    YJ Draiman

  • Honor, Honesty and Integrity these are not just words

    At times we feel maybe justified in violating a part of our own integrity.
    We don’t measure the effect that by doing so, the amount of damage
    that it does to others as well as to our own soul.

    We speak of justice; we speak of honesty and doing the right things in
    life. We are sometimes confronted not so much by the violation of
    these principles but by the impact they have on our own spirit.

    Feeling betrayed by those you trust, who have in some way acted in a manner that you may never understand,

    will have an impact on your life. This may only be for a moment or maybe a lifetime;

    each person has their own emotional point of tolerance to transgressions that may have been committed by even the most trusted among you.

    These words are what make’s us civilized. They are the fundamentals
    of our own character. We can not be responsible for someone else’s
    behavior but we are in total control of our own. Our behavior in any
    setting should be guided by these words.

    We can forgive others, but it is not easy for us to forgive ourselves
    when it is our actions that bring forth circumstances that no one
    wants. I have felt recently that betrayal, that dishonest act that just
    hurts and saddens the soul. Of course, that does not make that person
    bad or evil. It is an act that does not help for the survival of a group.

    I believe in the biblical statement that vengeance is the Lord’s it is not
    mine to give. When dealing with anyone in any capacity honesty is the
    guide. Integrity is the path to take. Honor is yours to own. Weep as
    you may for an infraction of another upon you; forgive as that
    transgression will also corrupt your soul to a deeper distrust of all.

    For the transgressor it will be easy to do that which they may feel is
    right, though the action violates all honor or self respect which creates
    havoc and chaos on others. Maybe to be honest will allow one to sleep
    at night. My heart pains, for those who have chosen the path of least
    resistance, which is the path to destruction.

    Integrity doesn’t mean that you become some cold, stoic person, and
    vacant of all emotion. Integrity just means to flow with your honest
    feelings and actions ensuring that they are in alignment with propriety.
    If you don’t like what you are doing then honor yourself by doing the
    best job anyway. You can always change careers.

  • “I want to fight for a better future for all the people of Los Angeles, and that’s why today I’m announcing my candidacy for mayor,” Draiman said.
    I decided to run for Mayor of Los Angeles. Before I could make that commitment, I needed to free up the time required to do the job right. Therefore, I decided to devote full time to the job of Mayor.
    I am motivated by the wish to serve the Los Angeles community and protect our quality of life. I have the skill, experience, long time community involvement and personal commitment to lead the city. I will work hard to preserve residents’ priorities and the city’s coffers, during the difficult financial times ahead. Some of my more specific goals are encouraging economic vitality, preserving and improving the City infrastructure, protecting the quality of our neighborhoods, supporting our open space and bicycle trails programs, working with the Neighborhood Councils and the Chamber to encourage local, innovative green businesses, and proper Urban Planning for Los Angeles, among others.
    I previously ran for City Council in District 12.
    I decided that to do the job right I must run for Mayor.
    I am an Energy/Utility Auditor/Consultant for over 20 years.
    I am married to a darling wife, we have two grown children – my oldest son is David Draiman a famous Rock Star with a Band by the name Disturbed, my younger son is a Psychologist doing research.
    I am looking forward to being elected and serving the people of the City of Los Angeles.
    We must work together as a cohesive force to improve our city.
    “Transparency and accountability is my motto”

    YJ Draiman for Mayor – 2013
    WEB: http://www.draimanformayor.org

  • Do we need an ethical bailout to go along with the financial one?

    Let us discuss the need for honesty and integrity as the basic principle of leadership. Defines quality leadership as a process beyond technical competence. Successful leaders continually demonstrate honesty and integrity as an essential element of their professional fabric; a lack of commitment to the principle renders all other skills meaningless. Depicts honesty and integrity as essential elements of human behavior that promote and support quality relationships. Defines honesty and integrity in the context of building trust and maintaining credibility. Provides a sound philosophy that increases the probability for long-term success and professional fulfillment.
    The matter raised “legitimate and genuine concerns”, adding: “My concern … is that without integrity and legitimacy and honesty, and then Government cannot function. This must now be settled, otherwise it saps at the very heart of what is the highest office – and the highest office-holder.”
    Is honesty for suckers?
    — A worldwide recession sets in when it turns out that a vast subprime mortgage system was built on a foundation of fraud.
    — Government officials are convicted of fraud and misappropriation of funds and backdoor deals.
    — Cheating is rampant in high schools and colleges.

    — And in sports? The same deal. Doping scandals, cheating, chemical and otherwise, pervades football, baseball and other sports.
    — Wall Street is being manipulated by corporate America bilking investors out of billions of dollars.

    If so many people are cheating, how can honest people play by the rules and not be at a disadvantage — in school, at work, in sports, in business?
    Do we need an ethical bailout to go along with the financial one?
    Are you a chump if you play by the rules?
    Compiled by: YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA