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DJ motherfuckin’ Handler. Why do I keep plugging this guy? I have no idea. Except that maybe despite everything he keeps doing cool things. Really, I can barely keep up. This man is a machine. I thought that maybe after he got married, domestic err, responsibilities would keep him busy, but no. I met his wife. She’s got the same manic look in her eyes that he does and so the onslaught of Handler related projects just keeps on coming. So what has the dude that brought us The Sephardic Music Festival, Modular Moods etc. brought us now? How about Shemspeed?

Huh? Is that a new brand of crystal meth? Apparently not. Shemspeed bills itself as “The Largest and Most Diverse Jewish Media Site.” I know. You’re thinking “bullshit!” right? Well, if so you’d be wrong. Now I don’t know if this baby that is barely a week old is in fact the largest anything, but dang yo, it is pretty darn big. It has it’s own TV and Radio stations where you may sample cool Jew music as well as a huge CD and digital music store, CD reviews and interviews, and an in depth and international events calender. Oh and what’s a new Web site launch without an iPod giveaway? It’s there but fuck that noise. The site rules on its own.

Finally, stay tuned for the requisite international launch parties taking place in both New York and Hell Aviv on the 25th of October featuring more Jew music than you can shake a stick at – whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. Stay tuned for more info as I have no doubt Handler is not going to ever leave me alone…. I know that’s a double negative. Sue me.

Question. Why is no one in the organized Jewish community funding this boy? Why?

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