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jewtube_redux.jpgI caught up with my old friend and ROI Alum Jeremy Kossen the other day. I hadn’t seen Jeremy, the founder of Jewish video sharing site JewTube since he was here in Jerusalem for ROI120. At the time, JewTube had just launched and it seemed like every story in the press about ROI120 included an interview with Jeremy. So I thought, why should the traditional press have all the fun? I want to ask Jeremy some questions too!

ck: Jeremy, can you tell us how many videos have been viewed on JewTube since your launch in July?

jk: Since our launch at ROI120, we’ve had 349,965 video downloads (as of 10:05 pm Pacific Time) from 145 videos.

ck: Wow. That’s awesome. Speaking of ROI120, how was that for you?

jk: My ROI experience was incredible….life changing. I got to spend quality time with the second most important Jew besides Jesus (or JC as I like to call him), Mr. David Abitbol.

ck: Jeremy. This is all on the record. You don’t have to flatter me, I already get duffel bags full of unmarked bills to promote you guys…

jk: Really?

ck: No Jeremy. I was kidding. Sheesh.

jk: Okay, in all seriousness about ROI… ROI was an incredible experience. It was like going to a summer camp – albeit a very short summer camp – with a bunch of other highly intelligent, motivated, young professional Jews who have aspirations (and the wherewithal) to change the world. I was very impressed with the caliber of people and I made great friends and contacts from all over the world. In fact, several of the contacts I made are now involved in JewTube. Beyond networking at the event, thanks to ROI120 I was able to meet with and get interviewed by a ton of prominent media, including Globes and Ha’aretz to name just two.

ck: The last time we spoke, you shared with us some of the goofy emails you got from people miffed that you snagged the domain name before they did. So what sort of craziness has been happening since you launched?

jk: The craziest thing about the whole experience is having investors and VCs contact us unsolicited. That’s been a thrill!!

ck: I bet. Not as funny as threatening emails written in all caps, but certainly more thrilling! Who doesn’t get a thrill at the site of duffel bags full of unmarked bills? Who?

jk: That’s not quite the way VC investments work David.

ck: Oh. Yeah. I knew that. Thanks for your time Jeremy. Good luck and continued success!

jk: Luck is for rabbits.

So true Jeremy. It’s always a pleasure to talk to Mr. JewTube and I know we’ll hear a lot more from him in the future. So far JewTube has been lots of fun and I am looking forward to all the Jewy video goodness Jeremy has in store for us. I am also looking forward to seeing ROI120 videos up on JewTube as well… But for now, here’s a hilarious video, courtesy of JewTube, of Bruno (another Sasha Baron Cohen character) at Spring Break taking the piss out of stupid jocks:

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    What a pathetic little whining liar bitch he is

  • I hope he has enough Jewish lawyers to deal with the trademark infringement smackdown Google is going to be unleashing on him.

  • Track down and see the film Finbar Lebowitz, in nine segments, on I discovered it by accident. No … relation.

    TITLE: Finbar Lebowitz
    YEAR: 2000
    DIR/PROD: Rona Mark / Jennifer Smith
    LANGUAGE: English
    TIME: 25 minutes in 35mm
    TEXT: Licensed to HBO Cinemax. Represented by First Artists NY. Columbia University Film School project. Seen at Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival, Pittsburgh Israeli Jewish Film Festival, Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Galway Film Fleagh, and Irish Reels Film Festival. In order to impress Leah, the cute Jweish girl from New York who is helping out in her Uncle’s bookstore in Dublin, Finbar decides to convert to Judaism to win her hand. The working class Irishman discovers there is more to Judaism than a prayer shawl and gefilte fish. 1999/2000.

  • Just watched Finbar Lebowitz, being from Dublin I thought it was very good, interesting and funny. Rona Mark manages to capture working class Dublin life quite well is this short film.