…especially when they swing their arms!
Semgirl reports a well regarded Rabbi and Posek from a place that begins with “Lake” and ends with “Wood” put out a Tznius (modesty) CD in which he urged frum women to avoid swinging their arms while walking lest they inflame the passions of men nearby. This Rabbi also urged Yeshiva bochurs who are married to not be dropped off in front of the Yeshiva by their hottie wives because it distracts the boys inside. Semgirl also reports that girls in elementary school will be prohibited from wearing colorful hair clips. These were also deemed to be non-Tsniusdik as they distract the boys.

I said it before, and sadly i’ll say it again. I hate fucking Nazis. The Jewish people took a massive hit from the holocaust. We lost, amongst other things, several generations of strong, powerful Torah scholars, brilliant intellectuals who surely would have raised all of Klal Yisrael with their holiness and enlightened Torah learning. Instead they left us with undeniably lesser Torah leaders who focus on horniness inspiring swinging arms and hair bands while all around them, the state of Judaism becomes more and more fractured. We’re losing Jews every day. Those who are supposed to be at the vanguard of Jewish religious intellect simply pile humrah on top of humrah to make up for some kind of deficiency in their ability to think both analytically and creatively in the face of obvious injustices like the continuing Agunah problem, and obvious stupidities like swinging arms.

Please Rabbis, stop it. Stop wondering if strawberries are kosher. Please focus on important things. Yes, Tznius is important for both men and women but we all know that one may follow all the strictures of Tznius and still be immodest and provocative. God, you guys are like a parent that doesn’t realize how uncool they are and insist on dong and saying things that embarrass you in front of your friends.


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