Over at DailyKos, one particularly audacious blogger put the question to the public: who would you rather be American president, Bush or Ahmadenijad?

Well, the answer was Bush. But only by about 10 percentage points this morning. With a hat tip to LGF, the results this morning looked like this:

As of right now, Bush has Ahmadinejad by about 26 percentage points.

Some Kos-bloggers who “voted” for Ahmadinejad were quick to point out why they did so:

I voted for Mahmoud in this poll, mostly because he is obviously evil and thus less dangerous than GWB, who is at least as evil but for years hid that evil by using his “aw, shucks” persona as a blind.

Better evil in the open than evil wearing a friendly (and very stupid) face…

I’ll take Mahmoud before George. It’s not because he is any less despicable than Dubya, it’s just that he does not have supreme power over his military.

Were I to be placed in such a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-move-to-Canada scenario, I think I would have no other option but to resort to doing a write-in: Kanye West 2008.

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  • If you put Tzufit Grant on the ballot you’d have an election.

  • my state doesn’t allow real write ins anymore. you have to choose from a list of independents who almost made the real ballot but didnt. lame.

    I wonder what the Kanye administration would look like.

  • The liberal “progressive” movement in this country has taken what it needs from the Jews and squeezed them out. Lucky it only took 9-11 for me to realize that.

  • I suggest we take all those who voted for Ahminjihad and put them on the next plane to Iran. They should exeperience first-hand the horrors of living in an Islamic dictatorship. They would end up kissing the ass of Dubya. Or maybe they won’t because some people like to be tortured.