Obama Girl‘s latest video is a tribute to American servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan. But more than that, her tribute was non-partisan as the video also featured Giuliani Girl and the Romney Girls (but no RoshHashana Girl???) – all wearing hot shorts of course. Now who can take offense to that?

Note to William Levin: I have a great idea for your next project – maybe you can get the Jewish Outreach Institute* to sponsor it – ready? “I like a Goy!” – I even have some of the lyrics already:

You know the guys… I like to please
Doin’ us proud with their bacon and cheese.
I like a Goy. I like a Goy.
I Like Mayonnaise and I cannot lie
I feel at ease with a non-Jewish guy

Call me Will. I even know where we can get hot-shorts at wholesale prices!

*Disclaimer: This is meant to be funny. While I don’t encourage mixed marriages I also do not encourage ostracizing mixed couples. We should all strive to be as friendly, welcoming and inclusive as possible.

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