Obama Girl‘s latest video is a tribute to American servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan. But more than that, her tribute was non-partisan as the video also featured Giuliani Girl and the Romney Girls (but no RoshHashana Girl???) – all wearing hot shorts of course. Now who can take offense to that?

Note to William Levin: I have a great idea for your next project – maybe you can get the Jewish Outreach Institute* to sponsor it – ready? “I like a Goy!” – I even have some of the lyrics already:

You know the guys… I like to please
Doin’ us proud with their bacon and cheese.
I like a Goy. I like a Goy.
I Like Mayonnaise and I cannot lie
I feel at ease with a non-Jewish guy

Call me Will. I even know where we can get hot-shorts at wholesale prices!

*Disclaimer: This is meant to be funny. While I don’t encourage mixed marriages I also do not encourage ostracizing mixed couples. We should all strive to be as friendly, welcoming and inclusive as possible.

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  • Rebbe, my friends in the US military all are seriously fed up with girls only hitting on them because they a) wear uniforms, b) receive regular pay, c) shop tax- and customs-free, d) (on deployment abroad,) could be their gateway to a green card, e) soldiers are/were in fashion.

  • Aw c’mon Rabbi! I know this stuff isn’t exactly tsniusdic, but I suspect that Amber Lee Ettinger, aka Obama Girl, is Jewish and the music was sung by Leah Kauffman, another Jewess (from My Box in a Box fame). This video was made in support of those who served and continue to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. Regardless of your opinion on those conflicts, you can’t really fault the grunts who serve there. Sorry Rabbi – should have added a tznius alert! My bad…

  • Ettinger / Öttinger / Oettinger is a German surname, derived from the place name Öttingen. Öttingen did have Jewish population (cf. http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/view.jsp?artid=169&letter=O), but the odds of somebody with a German surname being of non-Jewish German origin are somewhat higher than being of Jewish German origin. (Stats have changed with the growing rate of citizens of Hispanic origin in the US, but about ten years back, 49% of US citizens were of German / Austrian / Luxembourgian / or German-speaking Swiss origin.)

  • If you go to the website of the video, barelypolitical.com, Rosh Hashanah Girl is the featured fan video, so that’s something.

  • Hehe, note taken, ck. If “I Like A Boy” achieves the same level of pop cultural recognition as “I Got A Crush On Obama” (I doubt it), I’m there.

  • I doubt that Amber Lee Ettinger is Jewish since I’ve seen her wear a cross necklace several times. But then again there’s so much intermarrige among American Jews nowadays that it’s becoming impossible to know whose a Jew anymore.

  • i sew this song and i felt that we became to be like all the “goyim”.. is this serve our Judaism ?

    i want answer . i live in israel near jerusalem
    and whan i sew this video i realize that we have to return to our proude to be a real jewish.

  • Amber Lee Ettinger not jewish . i sent mail to her and she told me that she not.

    sorry to disappoint you.
    and if she was . she behave like unjewish.

  • Her real name is Amber Lee Olson. She took the stage name “Ettinger” because she thought Olson sounded too ethnic.

  • Being only human, believing a superior being I like to call God, I feel funny here, [why?] but I came here for this song, so my comment is to “Disclaimer”, whoever that is, and all the other narrow mined comments.

    Join the World, what a cop-out, let loose. “Mixed Marriages” ??? that means you noticed, a true sign of bigotry! And it hurts YOU deep. Learn to live with it and the World will be a much more peaceful place. Then — “friendly” ??? well I will not say no more or I’ll show my bigotry.

  • Sarah – not bad at all. I live in Scandinavia, USA. But we have our fair share of Ettingers too.

  • Does it really matter if she jewish or not? Or what the video has? Listen to the song without watching the video? Plus.. Why are we being so judgmental on other people? Do we know this person? No so lets not go around judging others. .. I hate how our culture goes around following other people getting into their lives… how would you like it if people where up on your back 24/7 reporting your every move… They are human also.. Although that had nothing really do with it but it goes back to Who this Amber Lee Ettinger is… maybe she is jewish.. maybe she WAS jewish.. she is not american? Maybe this song is saying she proud of our american boys for serving our country.. and she likes that… am I wrong?

  • I was wondering if anyone had any information as to the origins of the Ettinger name?

    I myself have this last name and I can trace my ancestors back to Germany and originally Georgia.

    I cannot go farther back than that though sadly, so if anyone has any info that would be great.