Join us – Make this year a little sweeter!

Make this New Year just a little sweeter

So? How was your weekend? Was Shabbat dinner yummy? How about those figs? So sweet! And that Halva? Did you try out that new sushi place Saturday night? Weren’t those waffles divine? People sure do know how to eat in Israel, huh? Indeed they do. But something Israel and all other wealthy, industrialized countries aren’t so good at is effective food production. It is estimated that 25% of the food produced by western countries goes to waste. Tossed in the trash or plowed over while people go hungry in our midst, due to inefficient production or simple market forces.

That sucks. Especially in Israel what with Rosh Hashanna coming up. I know we’ll eat like kings but that won’t be the case universally. Well – I for one am going to do something about it and I am inviting you and your friends to join me. This Friday morning, we’re going to have buses leaving from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (You may also drive there-I’ll send directions). We’re going to go and pick produce with Table to Table. Each bus that comes will be able, in an hour, to pick a metric ton of produce that Table to Table will then redistribute to food banks.

Afterwards, we’ll have a nice lunch (30 NIS includes food, drink and transportation) – I’ll bring the Arak, and the buses will get you back home in plenty of time for last minute Shabbat shopping or whatever. Do the bulk of your shopping on Thursday. Make a little effort, I promise you’ll have fun and what a better way to go into the last Shabbat of the year?

So, for those of you interested, I need you to RSVP ASAP at 054 6647238 or send me an email at jewlicious [at] gmail dot com. I will then follow up with times, meeting places and all the details you can possibly want. Do it. Be sweet baby! Don’t make me come after you because I will… Seriously.

Oh and check out who is coming on the Facebook group.

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