There are some things that just shouldn’t be done.

Milli Vanilli reunion tours. Guantanamo commemorative snap bracelets. “Concentration Camp” Lego sets.

And, if you’re Giuliani, having a “$9.11 for Rudy” fundraiser where you charge a minimum campaign donation of $9.11. The AP brings us the story that makes even the most avid fan of merchandising and materialism come to the verge of gagging:

The International Association of Fire Fighters accused Republican Rudy Giuliani of exploiting the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks because a supporter is holding a $9.11-per-person fundraiser for the presidential candidate.

The union — already a vocal critic of Giuliani’s — said Tuesday that the fundraiser’s “$9.11 for Rudy” theme is an abuse of the image and symbols of the 2001 attacks.

“It is nothing short of disrespectful to the legacy of the thousands of civilians and 343 brave firefighters who died at ground zero,” IAFF president Harold Schaitberger said.

The event was scheduled to take place tomorrow at the home of a Giuliani supporter in California, but the Giuliani campaign is distancing itself from the event. Giuliani campaign officials say that they had nothing to do with the event, but the event’s host said that all “$9.11” event planning was checked out with the Giuliani campaign HQ.

Using the September 11th tragedy like this is horrible. Covering up such use of September 11th for commercial gain is likewise deplorable. Who brands themselves exclusively with a day of national tragedy? Is this really his only selling point?

So much for “America’s Mayor”.

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