OyHave you ever wanted to kill Britney Spears? How about Madonna? Yeah. Me neither. Because that would be very, very wrong. But wrong or not, apparently radical Islamic Jihadists really hated Britney’s latest performance at the MTV Video Music Awards (Cover up girl!!! Get some sleep!!!) and Madonna’s uh… everything? TMZ reports:

According to Aaron Klein’s new book, “Schmoozing with Terrorists,” the wackadoodle haters are as celebrity obsessed as any blueblooded TMZ readers! In an interviews with hater Muhammad Abdel-Al (you can’t call him “Al”), drab Abdel said, “If these two prostitutes keep doing what they will do, we of course will punish them… We can stone them and even we can kill them.” Were the VMAs broadcast on Al Jazeera?

There are some celebs they actually like; Richard Gere, Jane Fonda and Sean Penn. They even liked Rosie O’Donnell until they found out she was Lebanese a lesbian — finally, something for the Christian Right and Islamic extremists to agree on! No surprise: they love Mel Gibson … and it’s not because of the “Lethal Weapon” franchise.

Wow. Do Jews control the Internet media too? Anyhow, our Jihadist crazies spoke to Aaron Klein, a Jew, on the phone! You can hear the convo here. Or click on the photo. Funny! But so, so wrong.

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