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Hey! Guess what? As of right now, Tribe: The Film is available on iTunes! The 18 minute, award-winning short film that is a stylish romp through Jewish identity by way of the Barbie doll can be yours by simply clicking here (link opens iTunes) and shelling out a mere $1.99!

We’ve written about Tribe: The Film before:

…Tribe: The Film … utilizes the history of the Barbie Doll and its Jewish creator Ruth Handler to contemplate the nature of the Jewish experience… Tiffany and Ken wrote a fantastic script that in typical Jewish fashion, leaves you with more questions than answers and this substance is augmented by the fabulous stylings of Gil Gershoni, the art director.

Also, it really looks cute playing on my iPod! Apparently Tiffany and co. are running a pretty hard core campaign so I am sure you’ll hear about this film elsewhere. Our experience with it has been deep and extensive – we’ve shown it at our first Jewlicious Festival, played it for our birthright trips and each time, it has inspired discussion and contemplation. Most young Jews are bored stiff by any talk of Jewish identity – this highly stylized film designed with the MTV generation in mind and centered around a well known pop-icon sneaks up on you and forces you to confront issues that you would ordinarily avoid like the plague.

Well, not me. I love all this Jew stuff. But it does have an effect on that much sought after 18-35, Jewish, unaffiliated demographic. Not only that, but the identity-centered theme, particularly in our ever shrinking global village of a world, is of universal applicability. Makes a great gift too, hint, hint!

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