JDub Records and Taglit-birthright israel are celebrating Hanukkah this year in a big way. They are organizing a series of shows in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Tel Aviv, Miami, Moscow, Philadelphia and Toronto all taking place on Saturday December 8th. Some of the artists performing include SoCalled, Golem, Hadag Nachash, Balkan Beat Box, The Leevees, Soulico and more. You can get more info on the event Web site goeight.com. Most of the venues will feature exciting live music, but here in Israel, attendees will be entertained by… a dj. Because lord knows there are no suitable live acts in Tel Aviv and in all of Israel. We are apparently a cultural wasteland dependent upon some dude and his collection of bootleg mp3s. No doubt we’ll be grooving to Akon. Smack That indeed. Anyhow, for the benefit of us losers in Israel as well as anyone else who cares, I put together this collection of video clips featuring some of the live acts we will not see. Simply slide your mouse over the screen below and pick your fave act or just let it play for you, kinda like a TV. Enjoy!

For those of you planning on attending, please visit goeight.com and buy tickets quickly! For those of you wishing to attend the party in Tel Aviv which promises to feature, and I quote, “DJ’s [sic.], Dredyls [sic.], and Dancing” please send an RSVP to our buddy Jacob Shwirtz at Jacob@TaglitBRI.com. Once you RSVP you will get the details of the secret location. “Holy underground rave party, Batman!” I uh… can’t wait.

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