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  • Too funny!!!
    I appreciate this because this is what my 9 year old son’s Rebbe’s sound like (to me)
    …NOT that there’s anything wrong with that….

    Spread the love,

  • Froylein,

    Thanks for the link to TheKnish…very very funny!

    “Gey Kakken Auffen Yam” was a favorite expression of my Grandma Chutzpah’s, her birthday would have been this month.

  • Thanks Froylein. I believe we’ve actually posted this video before, but having it dedicated to me…well, let’s just say I have a tear fighting to get out…

  • Oh well, TM, I tried googling the link, and nothing came up, so I thought it was novelty. Afterall I haven’t been around long enough to even get a profile 😉

    Julie, that’s very nice. Will you please deliver my regards to him? Zol er zein oyf youtube oyf hunderttsvantsik yorn!

    Chutzpah, I knew you’d love the link 😉

  • I loved this clip – I don’t think we ever had it up before. Now of course the notion that Moses was a Satmar Chassid is patently ludicrous, but I do agree “Chas veh shulum that Moishe Rabbeinu was a misnaged.”

    Hear hear!