Hillel President Wayne FirestoneI haven’t blogged much the last couple of days because I’ve been at the Hillel International Professional Staff Conference in Washington DC. The plan was that I would join Long Beach Hillel Director Rachel Bookstein where we would network amongst the various Hillel staffers in attendance and encourage them to participate in the upcoming Jewlicious Festival (Feb. 29th-March 3rd – Long Beach). But one of the kids got strep and the Staff Conference began sans any Booksteins in attendance. So it’s been just me. Fun, fun, fun. Seriously.

I presented myself to Hillel Senior Communications Associate Danielle Freni and she pretty much allowed me to walk around and talk to people for a story or two on Jewlicious. She was earnest and friendly and even gave me a Hillel pen/compass! Met Hillel President Wayne Firestone. In this world he is a rock star, spoken of in hushed, reverential terms. He is the Cappo de Tutti Cappi, big Jew on campus and he and his staff sure know how to throw a party. We were in a food line together when he dropped a mini-quiche. Being conscientious he of course picked it up right away and put it aside. I told him “Wayne! Five second rule – you can legitimately eat that!” to which he replied “Yeah, but then you’ll just blog it.”

Did I tell you the dude is sharp or what?

Bar Mitzvah Boy!

Wayne Firestone hoisted aloft at what looks like his 2nd Bar Mitzvah. Mazel Tov Wayne! Today you are a man!

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