December 2007’s edition of Spotlight coincidentally featured a few members of the tribe, some well-known for their Jewishness, others whatnot.


Noam Chomsky, who, in the spirit of the holidays (Hanukkah [official Jewlicious spelling] for Jews and St Nicholas’* Day for Catholics), we won’t discuss in the comments *serious look*, will turn 79 tomorrow, 7th December.


Helen Zille, mayor of Cape Town, whose parents fled Nazi Germany because of their partly Jewish ancestry, is running for presidency in South Africa in the 2009 general elections – to make a point. Zille became famous through reporting on the murder of anti-Apartheid activist Steve Biko in 1977, and has herself been a political activist fighting racial intolerance since. She is now leader of the Democratic Alliance, and, while well-aware of the low odds of a white person becoming South Africa’s president, wants to take on the ANC for its corruption as she believes a good government is key.

I don’t know what religion, if any, Ms Zille observes, but from what I’ve read, she sounds like a woman with strong values and a sound outlook on society, so let’s wish her good luck.


86-year-old Hawaii-resident Dr Dorian Paskowitz, a surfer, travelled to Gaza last August and gave twelve surfboards to the Palestinians after he had heard about Palestinian surfers Mohammad Abu Jayyab and Ahmed Abu Hassierah, who dream of surfing in Australia some day. According to AP Television News, Paskowitz stated, “God will surf with the devil if the waves are good. When a surfer sees another surfer with a board, he can’t help but say something that brings them together.”


Happy Holiday Season to all Jewlicious readers! (If you adhere to a faith that doesn’t celebrate any holidays, you probably don’t read Jewlicious either…) 


*Not to be confused with Father Christmas; that would be like mixing up Rabbi Yonah with the Golem of Prague…

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  • Palestinian people and jews shoud work together for lasting peace looking to better future for their children
    enough is enough .no killing no suffering for human being.

  • No Casulities in Peace but there are many from both sides in war most of them are innocent people .
    God has no double standard in dealing with human beings all are super power as God is the strongest and
    and has the super power .